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The College of Education was founded in 1908 on the campus of what is now the UGA/GRU Health Sciences Campus. Today, the College is headquartered in Aderhold Hall, located just across Green Street from the Biotechnology Center on the University of Georgia's South Campus. This seven-story structure, completed in 1971, is the main home to offices and classrooms for the College of Education. O.C. Aderhold, for whom the building is named, graduated from the university in the class of 1923. In 1946 he became dean of the College of Education and in 1950 he was chosen as the 17th president of the University.

Aderhold Hall houses several floors of classroom space and research areas, along with department and faculty offices. Its Curriculum Materials Library includes curriculum materials for grades K-12 as well as an impressive collection of literature for children and young adults.


  • 525 offices
  • 6 clinical labs
  • 36 classrooms
  • 35 conference rooms
  • 11 computer labs
  • 1 library

Building Directory

2nd Floor

3rd Floor

4th Floor

5th Floor

6th Floor