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Graduate Programs

Graduate Programs

Our highly ranked graduate education programs take your career to the next level. Whether you're seeking initial teaching certification, a certification upgrade, or improved specialized set of skills, our master's-level and doctoral degrees.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Our highly ranked undergraduate degrees emphasize a solid foundation in traditional and emerging educational approaches, hands-on learning, and in-class experience across diverse disciplines.

Online Programs

Online Programs

Online learning at the University of Georgia started at the College of Education. Today, you can explore a variety of online degrees to advance your skills in the classroom or in the workplace.

Non-Degree Programs

Non-Degree Programs

Consider one of our high-quality non-degree programs to upgrade or add on to your existing teaching certificate or pursue initial teaching certification or. These programs are a good option for anyone—teaching or not—who wishes to boost their career trajectory.

Placements, Student Teaching, and Clinical Practice

Placements, Student Teaching, and Clinical Practice

If field experience and clinical practice are part of your program coursework, you may be placed in schools, health clinics, mentoring programs, and other community settings.

Educator Prep Resources

Educator Prep Resources

We offer several resources for teacher candidates at all degree levels, as well as current teachers who are looking to renew or upgrade their teaching certification.

Student Engagement

Student Engagement

We are here to support you throughout your entire College of Education experience, with dedicated staff in the Office of Student Engagement to guide you.

Visit the College

See for yourself how much UGA College of Education has to offer! Schedule a tour with our student ambassadors to learn more about the COE student experience and get a taste of what Athens has to offer.

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