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  • American Sign Language

    The department's outstanding American Sign Language (ASL) instructors include native users of sign language with expertise in linguistics, deaf culture, and the teaching of ASL as a second language.

  • Applied Cognition and Development

    Our Applied Cognition and Development programs prepare graduates to improve education through research, to implement projects in schools, and to apply research and methods to various settings.

  • Athletic Training

    Our mission is to educate a workforce of allied healthcare providers to serve the public, promote health, and enhance safety.

  • College Student Affairs Administration

    Students learn skills in human development, interpersonal facilitation, group leadership, assessment, and administrative principles. Our graduates become leaders in higher education institutions, putting these skills to use with college students.

  • Communication Sciences and Disorders

    Degree and certificate programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders prepare students to be future leaders in speech-language pathology, audiology, and related areas.

  • Counseling Psychology

    Counseling psychology is a specialty emphasizing normal and optimal human functioning across the lifespan and a strength-based approach to facilitating change, multiculturalism, and social justice.

  • Educational Administration and Policy

    This program develops the careers of students who become leaders in educational administration, policy, and school systems.

  • Elementary Education

    The Elementary Education program helps prepare teachers of prekindergarten through fifth grade for diverse and inclusive educational settings, learning how to produce educational knowledge and apply it to benefit children, families, and communities.

  • English Education

    The English Education faculty members have legacy of excellence in teaching, research, and service at UGA.

  • Exercise Science

    Gain in-depth knowledge of the scientific basis of physical activity, exercise and sport. Students may apply this knowledge to the general population or to specific populations such as children and older adults, athletes, and individuals with chronic diseases, conditions, or disabilities.

  • Gifted and Creative Education

    The Gifted and Creative Education Program philosophy is grounded in tenets that giftedness and creativity are expressed in diverse ways among people; that creativity is a universal potential to be nurtured and enhanced; and that the best education is tailored to student's specific needs.

  • Learning, Design, and Technology

    The Learning, Design, and Technology program trains students in the latest technologies and tools to design and implement lesson and training programs. Our goal is to prepare professionals to identify and analyze learning problems, and to then create and implement more effective instruction in its place.

  • Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development

    Prepare for a career in organizations related to the education of adults.

  • Literacies and Children's Literature

    Literacies and Children's Literature

  • Mathematics Education

    Interested in mathematics? We share your passion! Degree programs in math education prepare students for careers as teachers, researchers, and leaders.

  • Mental Health Counseling

    Learn about our degree programs which will put you on the path to a rewarding career in counseling in community and mental health environments.

  • Middle Grades Education

    The Middle Grades Education Program is a leader in the field of middle school reform and is one of the oldest middle school-specific teacher certification programs in the nation.

  • Physical Education

    Physical education teaches physical activities, sports skills and fitness to all segments of the population. It is taught as a course to elementary, middle, high school, and college students to improve their motor coordination, physical fitness, and develop teamwork skills.

  • Qualitative Research

    Do you have an interest in the methodological, theoretical, and ethical procedures and challenges inherent to social science research and evaluation? Join us in contributing to the methodological and theoretical development of qualitative research and program evaluation.

  • Quantitative Methodology

    Do you have an interest in theoretical developments in psychometrics, statistics, measurement, and other statistical modeling strategies? The QM Program exists to advance the field of quantitative methodology and connect to real-world problems in educational and social science research.

  • School Counseling and Counselor Education and Supervision

    Learn about our degree programs which will put you on the path to a rewarding career in counseling in school and related environments.

  • School Psychology

    The School Psychology program is designed to produce clinically skilled scientists who are proficient in principles of theory, science, and practice. We are fully accredited by the APA.

  • Science Education

    Science teachers instill excitement and fascination about the natural world. Further your career as a science educator with one of our many degree programs.

  • Social Studies Education

    The Social Studies Education program invites future teachers who are interested in making a positive difference in the world.

  • Special Education

    Our special education degree programs offer opportunities for students to work in general curriculum, adapted curriculum, and birth through kindergarten areas.

  • Sport Management

    Gain a full understanding of multiple areas of sport management through interdisciplinary classes that blend business practices with the needs of the sport industry.

  • TESOL and World Language Education

    Earn a degree in TESOL and World Language Education to teach in the United States or internationally. Help others learn a second language and expand your career options to a global level.

  • Workforce Education

    The Workforce Education program prepares students for leadership, university, and other roles in career and technical education.