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American Sign Language

Our outstanding American Sign Language (ASL) instructors include native users of sign language with expertise in linguistics, deaf culture, and the teaching of ASL as a second language. University of Georgia students from all schools and colleges can complete three or four semesters of ASL to satisfy foreign language requirements for their degrees. ASL faculty and students are involved in a wide range of university and community programs and activities.

The program offers an undergraduate minor in American Sign Language designed to develop advanced language knowledge and skills.

Degree Programs


Explore Deaf Studies

This program area offers an interdisciplinary course in Deaf Studies (AMSL 3000). The course exposes students to the history, contributions, and contemporary lives of Deaf people in America. Explore a range of issues that are developed in the purview of Deaf Studies — linguistics, education, sociology, psychology, and other fields. Students do not need to know sign language to take this class. Interpreters are provided.

Language Placement Evaluations

Students requesting placement evaluations for the most appropriate course enrollment in the AMSL sequence can participate in an interview with the AMSL faculty. Placement evaluations are offered the first week of October and the first week in March. Completion of the placement examination is required for the assessment of equivalency for course credit at UGA.

To indicate your interest in participating in the placement evaluation, please complete the online ASML Pre-Screening Questionnaire and email Jeannine Parry after you have completed the pre-screening survey.

Faculty and Staff

Laurie Achin Lecturer
Brian W. Leffler Senior Lecturer
Amy Peterson Lecturer

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