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We are committed to building and fostering secondary English teachers who come to their work with purpose, commitment, and intention. As such, our programs are steeped as much in exploring what we teach as how we approach that work, all in service of the readers and writers alongside whom we learn each day. Courses and experiences will open exploration of:

  • Curriculum as it is imagined, received, and assessed.
  • The wide range of teaching contexts and communities in which we do this work.
  • The diversity of literacies, texts, and learners we both engage and excite.
  • Identities and practices of reflective, ethical, agentive, and socially just secondary English teachers, researchers, and scholars.

Student Organizations

Journal of Language and Literacy Education (JoLLE)

This organization promotes the interchange of ideas among the literacy education community.

Faculty advisor: Peter Smagorinsky

Contact Us

315 Aderhold Hall 110 Carlton Street Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Phone:
    706-542-4505 (general inquiries)
    706-583-8130 (student inquiries)
  • Fax: 706-542-3817
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