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The Qualitative Research Program at the University of Georgia is an international leader in the study and teaching of qualitative research methods. Our program is supported by a multidisciplinary faculty of scholars dedicated to improving professional practice and scholarship through active collaboration and critical self-reflection in the use of a broad range of qualitative methods.

The mission of the Qualitative Research Program at the University of Georgia is to advance scholarship in interdisciplinary social science research and evaluation and prepare qualitative research and evaluation methodologists. Besides being a renowned center for scholarship and pedagogy in qualitative and mixed methods approaches, the program is committed to cultural, intellectual, and methodological diversity and fosters the development and implementation of its students' and faculty's unique epistemological perspectives. Through its Graduate Certificate in Interdisciplinary Qualitative Studies and the Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methodologies (QREM) Ph.D., the program develops scholars and methodologists who are prepared to contribute to the advancement of innovative theories and methods used in qualitative research and program evaluation designs. Methodologists examine, critique, and contribute to the theoretical, methodological, ethical, and practical scholarship that guide research and evaluation practice. Graduates of the certificate and Ph.D. programs have the knowledge and skills to design, critique, and implement high quality research and evaluation studies, are proficient in a variety of research methods and theoretical perspectives, demonstrate the ability to effectively communicate the findings from qualitative studies to intended audiences, and are able to design and conduct a study using qualitative methods in real-world settings.

Degree Programs

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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