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Our programs offer opportunities for students to work in general curriculum, adapted curriculum, and birth through kindergarten areas. And with a certification in Applied Behavior Analysis, study abroad options, and other clinical opportunities available to our students, our programs span the full range of special education academic and clinical preparation, research, and service opportunities.

Program faculty manage many large instructional, research, and service grants. Our work addresses the needs of children and families from diverse personal, racial, and cultural backgrounds and in the areas of autism, assistance to persons who are deaf-blind, early intervention, learning disabilities, behavioral disabilities, technology, and literacy development, among other areas.

With well-known faculty, outstanding students, and collaborative research and educational contributions, the Special Education program continues to be at the top of national rankings and reputation.

Admissions decisions for all programs and majors in the Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education will not be adversely affected at the department level by an applicant's history of participation in social justice activism or in peaceful protests seeking social or political change.

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