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AB/BSEd in Spanish/World Language Education

If you have always wanted to be a world language teacher, this is your opportunity.

The B.S.Ed. program prepares students to teach modern, classical, and less commonly taught languages in pre-school through 12th grade. There are established plans of study for French, German, Latin, and Spanish education. Additionally, this program can certify students pursuing an Arabic, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, or Russian degree.

Students who complete the program earn T-4 (initial) certification to teach in Georgia public schools. The program lasts one academic year (two semesters) and is filled with engaging, hands-on opportunities to apply theory into practice and to learn while doing.

Our students are always amazed at how much they learn in a short period of time as well as how fast time goes when they are in our program.


  1. Ranked 5th in secondary education (2012)
  2. Ranked 6th in elementary education (including TESOL/World Language Education)
  3. 100 percent of graduates employed in P-12 or adult education
  4. You’ll earn initial certification to teach French, German, Latin, Spanish, and Less Commonly Taught Languages such as Arabic, Chinese, and Portuguese in Georgia public schools (T-4) and can also pursue an endorsement in TESOL while getting a B.S.Ed.


Our faculty conduct research and publish in top peer-reviewed journals in the field of second language acquisition and learning. Our curriculum in TESOL and World Language Education exposes teacher candidates to an array of clinical styles and research methods.

Teacher candidates join our highly regarded program during their final year at UGA. In the Fall, students are prepared for the teaching field through two practicum experiences: one at the elementary level and one at the middle- or high-school level, in which they can apply theory and see it come to life. In the Spring, our students become teachers at their host schools and teach full-time for a large portion of the semester.

How to Apply

Part 1: Apply to the University of Georgia

The UGA Office of Undergraduate Admissions oversees the application process required for the university. Therefore, a student must be accepted to UGA before entering a College of Education program.

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Part 2: Apply to the A.B./B.S.Ed. in Spanish/World Language Education

  • Documentation of 50 Hours of Pre-professional Experience
  • Resume of Experiences related to World Language Education
  • A 3-5 page statement of purpose explaining why the candidate wishes to pursue a career in teaching world languages
  • Three letters of recommendation from former language professors and/or individuals who have seen the candidate teach or work with children and/or adolescents.

Applications are due by midnight of the 3rd Friday of January.

Apply to the Program

Deadline to Apply

3rd Friday of January

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Academic Advisors

Drew Sanford

B.S.Ed. TESOL and World Language Education

Additional Resources

Please use our online form if you have any questions for the department. Please be as specific as possible so that we may quickly assist you.


The College’s programs are taught by dedicated faculty who are experts in a range of areas and are passionate about helping students succeed both in their programs and professionally.

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Tuition and Financial Aid

Almost all in-state students begin their studies at UGA paying limited tuition or fees. Please note that these amounts are subject to change and are meant to give prospective students an idea of the costs associated with a degree at the University of Georgia College of Education.

Students may qualify for a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and other financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition, housing, and other expenses.

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Student Life

Undergraduate students’ lives at UGA extend beyond academics. UGA offers myriad resources and opportunities to become active members of student organizations on campus.

B.S.Ed. program creates an indelible connection among its participants. Cohorts of a maximum of 20 students bond throughout the yearlong experience and make friendships and professional contacts with peers and instructors that last a lifetime.

See for yourself how much UGA College of Education has to offer! Schedule a tour of campus to learn more about the UGA student experience.

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