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American Sign Language Minor

From the Department of Communication Sciences and Special Education, a minor in American Sign Language (ASL) is for students who want to develop advanced language knowledge and skills in ASL, competence in the linguistic structure of ASL, and understanding of the status of ASL as the language of the Deaf culture in the United States.

Competency in ASL is a natural complement for students interested in education, human services, speech/audiology, as well as a variety of therapeutic and other professional careers. ASL and spoken languages have many similarities and differences that enable the appreciation of the diversity of human language.


Required Courses: 9 hours

  • AMSL 2010 or AMSL 2010E: American Sign Language III (3 hours, required)
  • AMSL 2020 or AMSL 2020E: American Sign Language IV (3 hours, required)
  • AMSL 3000: Deaf Studies (3 hours, required)

Elective Courses: 6 Hours

Students choose two courses from the list below.

  • AMSL 4010: Peer Learning Assistants in American Sign Language (3 hours, elective)
  • CMSD/LING 3120: Study of Language Development (3 hours, elective)
  • LING 3150 or LING 3150W: Generative Syntax (3 hours, elective)
  • LING 3350: Language, Mind, and Brain (3 hours, elective)
  • LING 4175/6175: Second Language Acquisition (3 hours, elective)

Application Procedure

Refer to the UGA Bulletin for course requirements. Minors can be added to programs of study through Athena under the “My Programs” menu item.

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