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Human Services Minor

The Human Services minor will expose students to the work of a wide variety of human service agencies and will cultivate the skills and perspectives necessary to be effective in those settings.

This minor compliments majors such as social work, psychology, sociology, health promotion and behavior, and human development and family sciences, extending the range of applications of those fields while also preparing students for potential graduate work in those and other areas.


Required Courses: 15 hours

  • ECHD 3020: Introduction to Counseling and Human Development Services
  • ECHD 3030*: Diversity and Helping Skills
  • ECHD 4020/6020: Interpersonal Relations
  • ECHD 4380/6380: Human Development and Mental Health
  • ECHD 5950/7950: Applied Research and Consultation in Human Services

Elective Course: 3 hours

Students choose one course from the list below.

  • ECHD 3130: Program and Event Management
  • ECHD 3170: Drug and Alcohol Abuse Issues
  • ECHD 4010: The Development and Experience of Gender Identity in the United States
  • ECHD 4050/6050: Teaching and/or Counseling Children with Chronic Illness or Medical Conditions
  • HDFS 4130/6130: Family Policy (Prereq: HDFS 2100 and (HDFS 2200 or HDFS 2950-2950L)
  • HDFS 4820/6820: Child Life Interventions for Children and Families in Health Care Settings
  • HDFS 5100: Family Intervention
  • HDFS(ESSE) 5150/7150: Families, Schools, and Communities (Prereq: EDEC(HDFS) 4020 and (HDFS 4860/6860 or HDFS 2896) and permission of department)

* Students pursuing a major in Human Development and Family Science (B.S.F.C.S.) from the College of Family and Consumer Sciences may choose to waive ECHD 3030 if they have taken HDFS 4330, Diversity in Human Development and Family Systems (3 hours).

Application Procedure

Refer to the UGA Bulletin for course requirements. Minors can be added to programs of study through Athena under the “My Programs” menu item.

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