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Our program helps integrate professional knowledge with best teaching practices. As the nation's top professional and career education program, we blend real-world experience and training with teacher preparation courses, leading to initial certification in K-12 career and technical education fields.

The program addresses the latest skills to:

  • Manage career and technical education classrooms
  • Design and develop content and skill-based instruction
  • Cultivate work ethic, communication skills, and innovation

The Master of Arts for Teachers degree is designed for students seeking initial certification in a career and technical education instructional field.

Students who choose this emphasis may have a professional background in one or more of the following areas:

  • Nutrition and culinary arts
  • Child and family development
  • Housing and consumer economics
  • Interiors, fashion, and textiles

Depending on your academic and professional background, you may take nine or more credit hours to satisfy the emphasis requirement.

Program Highlights

  1. One of the top workforce education programs in the country
  2. Flagship workforce development program for Georgia
  3. Become a leader in both an industry and its international trends
  4. Identify workforce trends before they happen

Deadline to Apply

July 1 (fall), November 15 (spring), May 1 (summer)

Faculty and Curriculum

Workforce education faculty have developed a research-based model that focuses on career, work ethic, and innovation to strategically prepare a global workforce that can successfully navigate work, even in jobs that do not exist at the time education and training take place.

This degree includes a minimum of 48 semester credit hours of coursework. The program of study is divided into four categories: - Core professional education (24 semester credit hours) - Education research (3 semester credit hours) - Teaching internship (12 semester credit hours) - Certification area (9+ semester credit hours, depending on academic background)

Tuition and Financial Aid

Almost all in-state students begin their studies at UGA paying limited tuition or fees. Please note that these amounts are subject to change and are meant to give prospective students an idea of the costs associated with a degree at the University of Georgia College of Education.

Students may qualify for a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and other financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition, housing, and other expenses.

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Meet Your Advisor

Most graduate students at UGA are not assigned to a faculty advisor until after admittance. A close working relationship with your advisor is paramount to progressing through your program of study.

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Student Life

For many, our workforce education program kicks off with a 10-day "bootcamp" experience that develops camaraderie and friendships that last beyond your time in the program. This emotional, moving experience will set the tone for your time here at UGA. Our program has also developed multiple Teachers of the Year at the state and national level.

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See for yourself how much UGA College of Education has to offer! Schedule a tour of campus to learn more about the UGA student experience.

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Part 1: Apply to the University of Georgia

The Graduate School handles admission for all graduate programs at the University of Georgia, including those in the College of Education. The Graduate School website contains important details about the application process, orientation, and many other useful links to guide you through the process of attending UGA at the graduate level.

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Part 2: Apply to the MAT in Workforce Education (Family and Consumer Sciences)

In addition to the online graduate school application, keep in mind that minimum score for GRE is 286 (combining the verbal – 146 and quantitative – 140 sections); minimum score for MAT is 402.

Returning Applicants

Completed application due:
July 1 (fall), November 15 (spring), May 1 (summer)

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Program Resources

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