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PhD in Learning, Design, and Technology

The Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) Ph.D. program at UGA will prepare you to become a scholar and reflective practitioner who can advance learning theory and practice through research, design, and technology. Our research-focused doctoral program will prepare you for advanced scholarly inquiry related to the design, development, and evaluation of effective interactive learning environments in various contexts such as P-12, higher education, healthcare, and business.

We seek scholars who are committed to enhancing human experiences with respect to teaching, learning, and performance. In our program, you will create a research agenda that is designed to help solve real-world problems while also contributing to the theoretical foundations needed for future educational innovations.


  1. On-campus program allows for extensive research opportunities in areas such as case-based learning, problem-solving, creativity and innovation, STEM education, and medical education.
  2. Faculty members are nationally recognized for outstanding research and supportive graduate mentoring.
  3. Faculty mentors work with you to tailor your experience to your career goals.
  4. Coursework scaffolds the development of advanced instructional design and development skills while you also learn to conduct your own research studies.
  5. Funding opportunities equip you with the teaching, research, and instructional design skills needed to succeed in higher education and beyond.

Current Projects

The LDT faculty regularly engage in both funded and unfunded projects in which emerging technologies are integrated into learning environments in new and unique ways. From embodied approaches to P-12 STEM learning to technologies that improve training and performance in the medical fields, our program faculty have received funding from the National Science Foundation, Spencer Foundation, and a variety of other sources to study real-world applications of theory that have an impact both locally and abroad.

Meet the Faculty


Our Ph.D. program is carefully designed to provide supportive mentorship from the beginning of your Ph.D. journey, allowing you to interact with faculty members and peer doctoral students. While taking foundational courses together in their first 1-2 year(s), beginning students participate in the doctoral seminar to interact with senior students and faculty members as they develop, share, shape, and refine their research experiences, values, and perspectives.

Your coursework will immerse you in a rich environment that will lead you to become a scholar in learning, design, and technology. Your program of study includes:

  • A minimum of 67 hours beyond your bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum of 27 hours (excluding dissertation) of major coursework (at least 15 hours in 8000- and 9000-level courses)

This degree will typically take four to five years to finish. Additional courses may be required if you do not enter the Ph.D. program with a master’s degree in educational media, educational technology, or a related field.

As you complete your application for the UGA Graduate School, you will be able to attach the following documents:

  1. Curriculum vita (CV) or resume
  2. Statement of purpose (short essay)
  3. Official transcripts
  4. Three letters of recommendation
  5. Writing sample (highly encouraged)

Additional information and disclosures regarding state licensure for professional practice in this field can be found at the UGA Licensure Disclosure Portal .

New in Fall 2022: Part-time Option

We now offer a part-time track in our Ph.D. program. This track is meant for working professionals in Georgia to earn a Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology. The program of study (see USEFUL LINKS, below) includes one face-to-face course (Athens campus) per semester for the first two years of study. Those classes are offered evenings to accommodate the scheduling needs of working professionals.

How to Apply

Part 1: Apply to the University of Georgia

The Graduate School handles admission for all graduate programs at the University of Georgia, including those in the College of Education. The Graduate School website contains important details about the application process, orientation, and many other useful links to guide you through the process of attending UGA at the graduate level.

Start A Graduate School Application

Part 2: Apply to the Ph.D. in Learning, Design, and Technology

While completing your Graduate School application, be sure to attach the following:

  1. Official GRE scores
  2. Current resume/CV
  3. Statement of Purpose (no more than five pages)
    The applicants should provide an overview of who you are (e.g., your background, interests, etc.), why you want the Ph.D., what you plan/hope to do as a result of having the doctoral degree and how you see this degree contributing to your professional and personal goals. It is also essential to include responses to the following questions:
    • What are your current research interests?
    • Who do you think among our faculty would be your best advisor and why? (You can nominate 1-3 people as possible advisors with a rationale for each.)
    • How do the research interests of the selected advisors fit with your own interests?
  4. 3 Recommendation Letters
  5. Sample of Scholarly Writing

Deadline To Apply

Applicants are typically accepted for Fall semester admission. If applying for the Fall semester, the application deadlines are:

  • November 1 (for priority consideration)
  • February 1 (final deadline)

If applying for the Spring semester, please contact the program coordinator for more information.

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Additional Resources

Please use our online form if you have any questions for the department. Please be as specific as possible so that we may quickly assist you.

Faculty and Advisors

The College’s programs are taught by dedicated faculty who are experts in a range of areas and are passionate about helping students succeed both in their programs and professionally.

Meet the Faculty

Most graduate students at UGA are not assigned to a faculty advisor until after admittance. A close working relationship with your advisor is paramount to progressing through your program of study.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Almost all in-state students begin their studies at UGA paying limited tuition or fees. Please note that these amounts are subject to change and are meant to give prospective students an idea of the costs associated with a degree at the University of Georgia College of Education.

Students may qualify for a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and other financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition, housing, and other expenses.

Tuition Rates   Browse Financial Aid

Student Life

We encourage our doctoral students to pursue research, study, and internship opportunities.

Faculty members strive to provide a graduate assistantship or fellowship for every doctoral student we accept, and we have been successful in this endeavor over the past 15 years. The commitment to providing support for our accepted students is one of the reasons why admission to our program is quite competitive.

See for yourself how much UGA College of Education has to offer! Schedule a tour of campus to learn more about the UGA student experience.

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