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Our doctoral sport management and policy program will prepare you to be a leading researcher in the areas of sport marketing and consumer behavior; social and cultural diversity of sport; and law and risk management.

Through this program, you will sharpen your research inquiry and critical thinking skills to further test policy, trends and accepted theories within the industry.

Our faculty are leaders in specific areas of the sport management world, allowing you to focus your research in any of the following areas:

  • Sport marketing and consumer behavior
  • Social/cultural diversity and social justice
  • Risk management

Program Highlights

  1. Become a leading researcher in the areas of marketing, socio-cultural issues, and risk management
  2. Program suitable for scholarly goals
  3. Receive personalized attention from top faculty members


As part of the doctoral program, you will work closely with a faculty member to develop a program of study that best fits your interests and research goals. The program requires approximately four years beyond the master's degree to complete.

Your coursework includes a minimum of:

  • 18 hours of specialization coursework
  • 25 hours of research
  • 9 hours of methodology
  • 12 hours in a cognate area
  • 3 hours of electives

Our goal is to prepare you to pursue research and scholarly activities beyond what's possible in a master's degree program. From here, you may go on to a career leading research and teaching at the university level, or be a leading thinker and administrator in government or the sport industry.


The Graduate School handles admission for all graduate programs at the University of Georgia, including those in the College of Education. The Graduate School website contains important details about the application process, orientation, and many other useful links to guide you through the process of attending UGA at the graduate level.

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Applicants may only apply using GRE scores (no GMAT or MAT scores).

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Additional Resources

Please use our online form if you have any questions for the department. Please be as specific as possible so that we may quickly assist you.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition and Financial Aid

Almost all in-state students begin their studies at UGA paying limited tuition or fees. Please note that these amounts are subject to change and are meant to give prospective students an idea of the costs associated with a degree at the University of Georgia College of Education.

Students may qualify for a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and other financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition, housing, and other expenses.

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Meet Your Advisor

Meet Your Advisor

Most graduate students at UGA are not assigned to a faculty advisor until after admittance. A close working relationship with your advisor is paramount to progressing through your program of study.

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Student Life

Student Life

Because we have graduate students from around the world who apply to our program, you will be a part of a diverse group of learners and thinkers whose ideas and perspectives will enhance your own experience.

Doctoral students also have opportunities to attend and present at national conferences, and to join national-level student organizations. Our department organizes networking sessions, top-level speakers and opportunities for scholarly exchange throughout the academic year.

You will take courses in the Ramsey Student Center for Physical Activities, the country's largest on-campus recreational facility.

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See for yourself how much UGA College of Education has to offer! Schedule a tour of campus to learn more about the UGA student experience.

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Faculty and Staff

Thomas Alexander Baker III

  • Associate Professor

Becca Leopkey

  • Assistant Professor

Steven Salaga

  • Assistant Professor

Yiran Su

  • Assistant Professor