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Be sure to review the admissions information for both the university (step 1) and for your program (step 2). Most programs build upon the core requirements established by the university.

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Returning Applicants

Completed application due:
January 1 (summer and fall), November 1 (spring)
Looking for an assistantship? Apply by January 1.

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Part 1: Apply to Graduate School

The Graduate School handles admission for all graduate programs at the University of Georgia, including those in the College of Education. The Graduate School website contains important details about the application process, orientation, and many other useful links to guide you through the process of attending UGA at the graduate level.

Domestic Application Information International Application Information

Most programs have additional requirements* beyond the Grad School application. Review Part 2: Apply to Program for admissions information specific to the PhD in Special Education.

*For example, you may need to schedule an interview and/or submit additional documents such as writing samples, a CV or resume, or a statement of purpose. Some programs require an official transcript, not just the unofficial transcript as required by the University.

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Part 2: Apply to Program

For the PhD in Special Education

Applicants who meet all of the following requirements are eligible to apply:

  • Professional preparation
    Completion of a master's degree; minimum of two years professional experience in special education or a closely related area.
  • GRE
    Minimum GRE results of 150 verbal and 150 quantitative.
  • GPA
    Minimum cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0 for undergraduate work and 3.5 for graduate work at accredited universities.
    Foreign applicants will also need to score a minimum of 20 points each on the Speaking and Writing sections of the TOEFL with an overall minimum score of 80. Test scores must be within 5 years from the date of application.

Initial Admission Requirements

While completing the Graduate School application, please be sure to attach the following required materials for Special Education:

  1. Official GRE scores
  2. Unofficial transcripts
  3. Three letters of recommendation

In the Graduate School application, students should upload the following items:

  1. Statement of purpose
    Students should submit a two paged, single spaced statement of purpose, outlining your teaching philosophy, experience and career goals, as well as answering the following questions:

* Identify at least two special education graduate faculty members with whom you want to work. * Identify your potential research interests that you would pursue as a doctoral student. 2. Resumé/vita 3. Technical writing sample
A master's degree thesis, literature review, published article, or similar document written during the past five years. In the absence of this the applicant may write a prospective paper outlining a current trend in special education that is guiding his/her decision to pursue doctoral study. The paper should be written in APA style and cite current research.

Final Admission Requirements

Interviews: All applicants are required to interview with at least three members of the program faculty as part of the application process. After completing the initial admission requirements (see above), the applicant will be contacted by the department with names of potential faculty members with whom they may interview. It is the applicant's responsibility to schedule interviews.

Admissions decisions will be based on the faculty's evaluation of undergraduate and graduate GPA, GRE (and TOEFL where relevant) scores, quality of essay, letters of recommendations, resumé, and interviews.

The program faculty will review applications on an ongoing basis. Final acceptance into the PhD program requires support by the faculty at large, and agreement by a faculty member to be the applicant's major professor.

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