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You may be required to, or opt to take, certain courses that require field experience that are not included in your professional cohort sequence. Please follow this process outlined here to receive a placement for these courses.

Key Dates

To receive a field placement, complete the field experience application by the end of drop/add of the semester in which you are enrolled in the course.

Local Service Learning Venues

Need service learning for your course this semester? Check out our list of local Service Learning opportunities.

How To Apply for a Field Experience (Non-Cohort)

  1. Have the course prefix and number at hand (Ex: EDUC 1234).
  2. Complete a PreCheck background check.
  3. Print, complete, and scan into a PDF both the FERPA form and Professional Tort Liability Insurance form below. You will be expected to upload these into the application.
  4. Complete the online submission form. Note: The entire online application must be completed in one sitting.

Apply for field experience (non-cohort)

Background Checks

  • Teacher candidates:
    DO NOT complete a PreCheck background check if you have a Pre-Service Certificate
  • Background Check (PreCheck)
    This background check is required if you are in a program other than teacher education, or are a teacher-education major who has not been officially admitted into your program. Note: PreCheck background check reports are considered valid for one year from date of purchase.


    Please make sure to print and upload both pages, the signature page and the Exhibit A page. This form must be renewed annually.

  • Tort Liability Insurance
    Submit this form only one time if insurance is waived. You must resubmit the form if tort liability insurance is purchased and has been renewed since your last submission. This form is not required by athletic training majors, who are covered under a group policy through the academic program. This form is only required for students in the College of Education. Non-COE students do not need to complete this form.

Note: For COE students, we highly recommend you purchase tort liability insurance. It can be purchased for a minimal cost through student membership in professional organizations such as GAE or PAGE.

Connect with the Office of Experiential Learning

We are happy to answer your questions about experiential learning opportunities in the College of Education.

Office of Experiential Learning