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"Which degree is right for me?"

Want to be a teacher?

If you are already certified, look primarily at an MEd, MA, EdS, EdD, or PhD in the subject of your choice to upgrade an existing teaching certificate. If your undergraduate degree did not lead to teaching certification, peruse our MAT degree options to earn your master's and become certified to teach in Georgia at the same time.

If you don't have a bachelor's degree yet, you'll want to start with a BSEd or dual degree program.

Don't want to teach?

We have many non-teacher programs — counseling, exercise science, communications sciences, quantitative methodology, educational policy, just to name a few — that lead to different practitioner or research-oriented career paths. Try one of our MA, MS, EdS, EdD, or PhD programs related to your specialized field.

Find a program below that interests you to learn more about how it stacks up against your career goals.

Master of Education (MEd)

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Other Graduate Programs