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For questions about graduation requirements or general questions about coursework, please consult the advisor for your degree program. Below is a list of contacts for graduate programs in the College of Education, separated by department.

Career and Information Studies

Program Contact
MEd or PhD in Learning, Design and Technology Janette Hill
MA, EdS, or PhD in Workforce Education Elaine Adams

Communication Sciences and Special Education

Program Contact
MEd and MA in Communication Science and Disorders Heather Roberts
EdS and PhD in Special Education Heather Roberts

Counseling and Human Development Services

Program Contact
PhD in Counseling Psychology Bernadette Heckman
PhD in Education (College Student Affairs Administration-Athens Campus only)
MEd in College Student Affairs Administration Laura Dean
EdD in in Student Affairs Leadership Marian Higgins
EdS in Professional School Counseling (Gwinnett Campus) Deryl Bailey
MEd in Professional Counseling (Mental Health Counseling) Georgia Calhoun
MEd in Professional Counseling (School Counseling) Jolie Daigle
PhD in Education (Counselor Education and Supervision-Gwinnett Campus only) Diane Cooper

Educational Psychology

Program Contact
MA, MEd and PhD in Applied Cognition and Development Jason Tiller
MA, MEd, EdS, PhD, and Endorsement in Gifted and Creative Education Jason Tiller
PhD in School Psychology Jason Tiller
MA and PhD in Quantitative Methodology Jason Tiller

Educational Theory and Practice

Program Contact
All PhD, master's, and specialist programs Hilary Hughes


Program Contact
MS and PhD in Exercise Science, Physical Education and Sport Management Dana Barnhart

Language and Literacy Education

Program Contact
All graduate programs Liz Phillips

Lifelong Education, Administration and Policy

Program Contact
MEd in Educational Administration and Policy John Dayton
MEd in Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development Laura Bierema
EdS in Education (Learning Leadership and Organization Development) Laura Bierema
EdS in Educational Administration and Policy (Gwinnett Campus) Karen Bryant
PhD in Educational Administration and Policy Walker Swain
PhD in Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development Aliki Nicolaides
PhD in Qualitative Research and Evaluation Methodologies Kathryn Roulston
EdD in Educational Leadership Karen Bryant
EdD in Learning, Leadership, and Organization Development Aliki Nicolaides

Mathematics and Science Education

Program Contact
MAT in Science Education Georgia Hodges
MA, MEd, EdS, EdD or PhD in Science Education Daniel Capps
MAT in Mathematics Education Kelly Edenfield
MA, MEd, EdS, or PhD in Mathematics Education Kevin Moore