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Certificate in STEM

Learn how to design and implement learning activities in your classroom that focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) with this certificate. Primarily designed for elementary and middle school teachers, or educators working in schools pursuing or awarded STEM certification, this certificate will enhance your knowledge of integrate instruction and help students make a smooth transition into high school STEM courses.

Note: This is a certificate program only; it is not recognized by the Georgia Performance Standards Commission as an endorsement.


  1. Adaptable to many classrooms
  2. Learn a multidisciplinary approach
  3. Learn to use robotics and other technologies
  4. Pave the way for STEM learning in high school


The Certificate in STEM requires a minimum of 12 credit hours, with courses that focus on digital learning, robotics, and science and mathematics instruction for children in kindergarten through grade eight. Coursework covers topics such as:

  • Emerging technologies and how they can be used in educational settings
  • Creating learning environments that encourage student responsibility and autonomy
  • Understanding tools and resources to integrate science across the curriculum
  • Mathematical thinking for children and teaching methods for diverse populations
  • Identifying content and activities that can be integrated with robotics

Courses are taught by faculty in the departments of Workforce Education and Instructional Technology and Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Education who have a passion for helping students become “citizen scientists” and integrating STEM topics across a wide spectrum of content.

Our nationally recognized faculty will work with you to customize your degree program.


Please contact the department for admission procedures.

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