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For the Non-Degree Certification in Science Education

Students in the non-degree certification program in science education are presumed to hold a bachelor's degree in a core science field (biology, chemistry, earth/space science, or physics), and many already hold higher degrees. Applicants with a science-related major or with a more limited coursework background in one of the core science areas will have their transcripts evaluated by our faculty to determine if further undergraduate-level science content coursework must be completed before admission to the program.

When completing the Graduate School application, be sure to apply as non-degree status. Unlike for graduate degree programs, GRE test score reports are not required for the non-degree certification program.

By state mandate, applicants must have an absolute minimum undergraduate (or combined undergraduate and graduate) GPA of 2.5 to be considered for admission, and few applicants are admitted without a GPA of at least 3.0.

3 letters of recommendation

You will identify your letter writers and provide them the recommendation form. Ask your letter writers to complete the form and send directly to Katrina Neidlinger. Choose recommenders who know your academic work well and can speak to your capacity to complete the required mathematics course work and to work with secondary students in schools. Do not solicit "character references" from friends, family, or people you know socially.

Deadline to apply

February 15 (fall); September 15 (spring)
Late applications may be considered.

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