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The Coaching Endorsement will strengthen and enhance your ability to use performance assessment data to provide individuals with specific feedback.

You will assist them in meeting criteria for performance in various educational positions such as, but not limited to:

  • A supervisor/coach of individuals completing student teaching requirements or a non-traditional teacher preparation program
  • A mentor/coach of interns/beginning teachers
  • An instructional/academic coach of classroom teachers
  • A classroom teacher providing professional learning for peers
  • A coach of candidates seeking educational leadership positions

Program Highlights

  1. Located on campus in Griffin

Deadline to Apply

June 30

Faculty and Curriculum

The coaching endorsement is offered only in conjunction with the MEd or EdS in mathematics education on the Griffin campus. It is not available as stand-alone, add-on course work.

Endorsement topics include:

  • Mentoring in mathematics education
  • Coaching internship

For the mentoring in mathematics education course, you will read research regarding coaching in mathematics and prepare your plans for a coaching internship.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Almost all in-state students begin their studies at UGA paying limited tuition or fees. Please note that these amounts are subject to change and are meant to give prospective students an idea of the costs associated with a degree at the University of Georgia College of Education.

Students may qualify for a variety of assistantships, scholarships, and other financial awards to help offset the cost of tuition, housing, and other expenses.

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Meet Your Advisor

Most graduate students at UGA are not assigned to a faculty advisor until after admittance. A close working relationship with your advisor is paramount to progressing through your program of study.

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