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Student Teaching

Student teaching is the moment that many candidates have looked forward to experiencing since they stepped foot onto a college campus. It's the time to put the pedagogy into practice as you will begin to interact with students from vast backgrounds in varying settings. You get to experience the day-to-day life of the classroom as you work with the students, plan lessons, and experience the mentorship of an experienced educator. You are now a part of the students' world and inevitably their future. Many describe it as difficult, eye-opening, yet rewarding.

Role of a Mentor

Program coordinators, field placement officials, district representatives, and principals all play a role in making sure you are provided with the best teachers to mentor you as you navigate the day-to-day life of a teacher. Through practicum and student teaching experiences, mentor teachers will model classroom management strategies, efficient planning models, various assessment methods and innovative instructional strategies. Although many candidates are nervous about these experiences, it is important to note that you will be gradually introduced to the classroom environment and gradually released.

Cost Analysis of Program Participation

Various costs that students may incur while in teacher education programs in the College of Education are listed below. This list is not complete and subject to change. It is merely meant to give students an idea of costs so that appropriate preparation can be taken. In addition, students should refer to their specific department to determine if there are other costs associated with participation.

  • Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Program Admission Assessment: $128
  • GACE Content Assessment: $193
  • SAT score report (if you exempt the GACE and your scores are not found in Athena OR your scores are not on your high school transcript or college transcript, you will have to get them directly sent from the College Board to the certification official): $70
  • Georgia Educator Ethics Program Entry (350) Assessment: $30
  • Background checks (Some school districts may require students to complete a school district background check. It may or may not have a fee associated. In other instances, depending on the placement, students may have to complete a Field Experience Background Check): $37.50 or $18.00 for a recheck
  • Foliotek: $40 for a one-year subscription; $59 for a two-year subscription. Foliotek license fees are subject to change.
  • Mandatory membership in a professional organization during field experience (Tort Liability Insurance): $15/year for SPAGE OR $18/year for GAE/NEA (Note: Fees for professional organizations are set by each organization and are subject to change.)
  • Professional clothing for practicum and student teaching
  • Transportation and gas to placement site (note: students can be placed up to AN HOUR away from campus)
  • World Language and TESOL Program Costs

Please refer to the pre-service certificate checklist and program completion and certification checklist for more information about the requirements and fees listed above.

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