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Alumni awards

Alumni awards

Each year, our Alumni Awards honor some of the brightest stars among our graduates, all of whom bring distinction and honor to the College thanks to their achievements.

Ways to get involved

Ways to get involved

Need an excuse to come back to campus? Take part in ongoing career-advising panels for undergraduates. Or, you may mentor a current student in your field.

Ways to give

Ways to give

Your achievements have helped make us a top-ranked school. Now, continue to support your college with a donation in any amount.

Retired Faculty

Retired Faculty

We are fortunate to have a supportive, engaged group of retired faculty. The group meets twice a year for lunch and stays active in College events.

Career Resources

Career Resources

If you are a graduate of the College of Education, our partnership with the University of Georgia Career Center can help with your job search.

Dean's Club

Dean's Club

For as little as $83/month, you can join a select group of College of Education supporters called the Dean's Club.

Stay in touch with your College of Education

With more than 59,000 alumni around the world, the University of Georgia College of Education has a vibrant, diverse group of graduates. Stay up-to-date on the latest alumni and college news with our e-newsletter, which is sent every two months to all alumni. And we are happy to celebrate your achievements, so feel free to share your good news with us, or let us know if your email address has changed.

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