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When you donate $1,500 or more a year to the UGA College of Education, you join a select group of donors representing the top tier of supporters. Dean's Club members may be alumni, faculty, or friends of the College. But no matter their connection, all share the same desire to continue the College of Education's legacy of excellence in teaching, research, and service.

You can be a member of the Dean's Club for just $125 a month!

You may qualify to be a member of the Dean's Club with a monthly contribution, a one-time donation, or a combination of gifts throughout the year.

Donors at the Dean's Club level also automatically become a member of the UGA President's Club, which includes a private fall reception that recognizes donors before a home football game.

Want more information? Please contact Molly Thomas.

Become a Member

Annual Dean's Club Honor Roll

The Dean's Club is the leadership giving society of the College of Education, recognizing alumni and friends who make a significant and sustaining impact on the College with annual support of $1,500 or more over the fiscal year (July 1, 2017- June 30, 2018).

Platinum $25,000 and above

  • Mr. David Cohen
  • Mr. Manuel Cohen
  • Ms. Kim Cohen Dye
  • Dr. Arthur M. Horne and Mrs. Gayle Horne
  • Mr. Michael E. Penland and Mrs. Rebecca D. Penland
  • Mrs. June W. Martin and Mr. Paul T. Martin
  • Dr. Elizabeth Brown Sloop
  • Mr. Jim Womack

Gold $10,000–$24,999

  • Mr. Robert H. Carson Jr. and Ms. Teresa M. Carson
  • Miss Alisa J. Nofsinger
  • Dr. Marie R. Mullan
  • Dr. Peter Smagorinsky

Silver $5,000–$9,999

  • Dr. Lynda Thomas Goodfellow and Mr. Raymond B. Goodfellow
  • Mr. Philip W. Hendrickson and Mrs. Carol Hendrickson
  • Dr. Lawrence R. Hepburn and Dr. Mary A. Hepburn
  • Dr. Alison R. Hynd and Dr. George W. Hynd
  • Dr. Francis A. Norman III and Mrs. Carla Wooten Norman
  • Mrs. Cheryl Davis Resnick and Mr. Jeff Resnick

Bronze $1500–$4,999

  • Mrs. Janice P. Agron
  • Dr. Donna E. Alvermann and Mr. John Alvermann
  • Dr. Scott P. Ardoin and Mrs. Kelly Ardoin
  • Ms. Eleanor F. Banister
  • Mr. George M. Brandon and Mrs. Martha S. Brandon
  • Mr. Frank W. Bryant and Dr. Karen Bryant
  • Dr. David E. Clark and Mrs. Kimber L. Clark
  • Dr. Sandra Pryor Clarkson
  • Ms. Margaret G. Cole and Dr. Ronald S. Cole
  • Dr. Thomas J. and Ms. Sara Cooney
  • Dr. Kathleen L. Davis
  • Dr. Janna Dresden and Dr. Ronald M. Cervero
  • Mr. Bertis E. Downs IV and Mrs. Katherine Downs
  • Dr. Merrianne Buice Dyer and Mr. Larry W. Dyer
  • Dr. Gerald R. Firth and Dr. Doris Y. Firth
  • Mr. Ronald L. Fritchley and Mrs. Martha L. Fritchley
  • Mrs. Carolee Wells Gailey
  • Dr. George M. Gazda and Mrs. Dolores Q. Gazda
  • Dr. Brian A. Glaser and Mrs. Judy Glaser
  • Dr. Evan M. Glazer
  • Dr. Denise Muth Glynn and Dr. Shawn M. Glynn
  • Mrs. Linda Hughes Hardie
  • Dr. Richard L. Hayes and Dr. Bree A. Hayes
  • Capt. Larry Hone and Mrs. Pat Hone
  • Dr. Cheri A. Hoy
  • Mr. James F. Kelley and Ms. Julie W. Kelley
  • Ms. Ann Kilgore
  • Ms. Ruth L. Langevin
  • Dr. Richard L. Lynch and Mrs. Genevieve A. Lynch
  • Mr. Steve Marcotte and Dr. Anne Marcotte
  • Mrs. Gay Smith Miller
  • Ms. Deborah N. Meyerhoff and Mr. Scott Meyerhoff
  • Mr. David J. Mullen Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia J. Mullen
  • Dr. Whitney L. Myers
  • Miss Gale B. Nemec
  • Dr. J. Steven Oliver
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Ossowski
  • Mr. Chad V. Powell and Mrs. Stephanie A. Powell
  • Dr. Patricia L. Reeves and Dr. Thomas C. Reeves
  • Dr. Douglas W. Reynolds and Mrs. Carol Reynolds
  • Dr. Johnny Sanders Jr. and Dr. Rubye L. Sanders
  • Mr. Ryan A. Scates and Ms. Kiel A. Scates
  • Dr. Donald O. Schneider
  • Mr. Grant W. Shih
  • Mrs. Pamela D. Smith and Mr. Bruce W. Smith
  • Mrs. Cara Snow and Mr. Ricky Snow
  • Dean Denise A. Spangler
  • Dr. John E. Steinbrink and Mrs. Lennie W. Steinbrink
  • Mrs. Claire S. Tardy
  • Dr. Antoinette Tiburzi
  • Mr. Ronald W. Tidmore and Mrs. Karen Adair Tidmore
  • Mr. Edward D. Tolley and Dr. Beth Dekle Tolley
  • Dr. Vasti Torres
  • Mrs. Betty Hooks Underwood
  • Dr. Cynthia O. Vail and Mr. Jonathan Vail
  • Dr. Lelia Vaughan
  • Ms. Martha L. Vaughan
  • Dr. Otto P. Wielan
  • Mrs. Inga Willner and Mr. Larry E. Willner
  • Dr. Patricia S. Wilson and Dr. John T. Wilson
  • Mrs. Jacqueline V. Wonder and Mr. Andrew Wonder
  • Dr. Mary M. Wood and Dr. Norman J. Wood
  • Mrs. Erla Gortatowsky Zuber