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When you earmark a percentage of your estate to the UGA College of Education through a planned gift, you become a member of UGA's Heritage Society. This includes special recognition and events throughout the year.

With a planned gift, you can leave a lasting impression on your choice of area(s) in the College. This gift also lowers the tax burden on you and your heirs. the most common type of planned gift is a bequest in your will or living trust, but other types of planned gifts include:

  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Charitable lead trusts
  • Endowment funds
  • Retirement plan assets
  • Life insurance policies
  • Remainder interest in your home

We will be happy to discuss these options with you, and ensure your generosity lives on through programs and scholarships at the College of Education. Please email the Office of Development and Alumni Relations You may also download UGA's [Statement of Future Gifts]( fts.pdf).

See the full list of donors

Heritage Society Members

  • Mr. W. Randall Abney and Mrs. Carolyn C. Abney
  • Dr. Elizabeth C. Aderhold*
  • Dr. Omer C. Aderhold*
  • Mr. A. Neal Alford* and Mrs. Nancy C. Alford*
  • Miss Martha N. Allman*
  • Mr. William L. Alworth and Mrs. Lois A. Alworth
  • Dr. Joan D. Berryman
  • Ms. Jan L. Branham*
  • Mr. Charles R. Brown
  • Mr. Brian C. Bruce
  • Mr. Robert E. Burton and Mrs. Maxine Hubbard Burton
  • Dr. Nancy L. Canolty
  • Senator C. Saxby Chambliss and Mrs. Julianne Chambliss
  • Mr. D. Wayne Cole
  • Dr. Michelle Commeyras
  • Ms. Suzanne A. Corbett
  • Mr. Alston D. Correll Jr. and Mrs. Ada Lee Correll
  • Dr. Arthur L. Crawley and Ms. Constance A. Crawley
  • Dr. Betty Jean Craige
  • Mr. Cam D. Dorsey Jr.*
  • Miss Thelma B. Dorsey
  • Mr. George B. Duke
  • Ms. Mary Frances Early
  • Dr. Carol J. Fisher
  • Dr. William P. Flatt and Dr. Marihope Troutman Flatt
  • Mrs. Carolee Wells Gailey
  • Dr. William E. Gohdes and Dr. Wanda L. Stitt-Gohdes
  • Mrs. Elizabeth Hall*
  • Dr. Robert K. Halliday and Mrs. April Halliday
  • Mr. Eric D. Hart and Ms. Erin Hill Hart
  • Mr. Paul T. Harwell
  • Mr. Thomas L. Kenyon and Mrs. Karen J. Kenyon
  • Dr. Virginia M. Macagnoni
  • Mrs. Faye Daube Miller* and Mr. Herbert Miller
  • Ms. Mary Ann Morgareidge
  • Mr. David J. Mullen Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia J. Mullen
  • Mrs. Millie B. L. Neal*
  • Mrs. Dorothy Odell*
  • Mr. Keith M. Oelke and Mrs. Lisa K. Oelke
  • Dr. J. Steven Oliver and Dr. Jenny Oliver*
  • Mrs. Geraldine Patrick*
  • Mr. Joseph E. Patrick*
  • Ms. Patricia Price
  • Miss Barbara J. Rankin*
  • Ms. Jill J. Read
  • Miss Flora Rogers*
  • Ms. Eileen Russell*
  • Dr. Johnny Sanders Jr. and Dr. Rubye L. Sanders
  • Dr. Robert N. Saveland
  • Dr. Donald O. Schneider and Ms. Julie Cashin-Schneider
  • Mr. Jay F. Shinn and Mrs. Catherine M. Shinn
  • Mrs. Lois J. Shortt* and Mr. William J. Shortt*
  • Professor Julian C. Stanley Jr.*
  • Ms. Glenna Feagin Talbert and Mr. Ronnie Talbert
  • Ms. Melinda A. Thomas
  • Mr. Ronald W. Tidmore and Mrs. Karen Adair Tidmore
  • Dr. E. Paul Torrance*
  • Dr. R. Curtis Ulmer Sr.* and Mrs. Irene Ulmer*
  • Mr. Eugene B. and Mrs. Ann E. Webb
  • Mr. Jim Womack and Mrs. Mary E. Womack*
  • Dr. Barbara Carter Wommack and Dr. Hines L. Wommack
  • Dr. Mary M. Wood and Dr. Norman J. Wood
  • Mr. Joseph E. Wyatt*

* Deceased

'We were moved to want to do more'

Tom and Karen Kenyon explain how their membership in the Heritage Society will continue to help students for generations to come.