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Thanks to our donors, the College of Education continues to be a leader in research, teaching, and service for future educators, exercise and sports scientists, councilors and human development professionals, and organizational leaders. We want to recognize the donors who continue to support our initiatives, and we list the names of our donors here on our website as well as in our annual alumni publication. Depending on your level of support, your name will also appear in the honor roll section of the annual report.



$100,000 and up

  • Mr. Alston D. Correll Jr. and Mrs. Ada Lee Correll
  • Mrs. Erla Gortatowsky Zuber and Mr. Harry A. Zuber


$10,000 – $99,000

  • Mr. Robert H. Carson Jr. and Ms. Teresa M. Carson
  • Mr. David Cohen
  • Mr. Manuel Cohen
  • Ms. Kim Cohen Dye
  • Dr. Arthur M. Horne and Mrs. Gayle Horne
  • Dr. Jeremy Kilpatrick and Mrs. Cardee Kilpatrick
  • Mrs. June W. Martin and Mr. Paul T. Martin
  • Mr. Michael E. Penland and Mrs. Rebecca D. Penland
  • Dr. Mary M. Wood and Dr. Norman J. Wood


$5,000 – $9,999

  • Dr. Lynda Thomas Goodfellow and Mr. Raymond B. Goodfellow
  • Mr. Philip W. Hendrickson and Mrs. Carol A. Hendrickson
  • Ms. Ruth L. Langevin
  • Dr. Marie R. Mullan
  • Mrs. Cheryl Davis Resnick and Mr. Jeff Resnick
  • Dr. Denise A. Spangler


$1,000 – $4,999

  • Mr. W. Randall Abney and Mrs. Carolyn C. Abney
  • Dr. Donna E. Alvermann and Mr. John Alvermann
  • Dr. Tina F. Anderson
  • Ms. Eleanor F. Banister
  • Mr. Stuart C. Bean and Mrs. Ginger Bean
  • Mr. Jerry Becker and Ms. Tedda M. Becker
  • Mr. Frank W. Bryant and Dr. Karen Bryant
  • Dr. James B. Calkin and Mrs. Katherine R. Calkin
  • Mr. Larry M. Callaway and Ms. Helen Murray Callaway
  • Dr. Donald G. Cannon
  • Dr. Harrison S. Carter and Mrs. Brenda S. Carter
  • Dr. Louis A. Castenell Jr. and Mrs. Mae E. Castenell
  • Dr. Sandra Pryor Clarkson
  • Ms. Margaret G. Cole and Dr. Ronald S. Cole
  • Dr. Thomas Cooney and Mrs. Sara Cooney
  • Dr. Mary K. Corbitt
  • Dr. Tonya T. Cornileus
  • Mr. Bertis E. Downs IV and Mrs. Katherine Downs
  • Dr. Merrianne Buice Dyer and Mr. Larry W. Dyer
  • Ms. Mary Frances Early
  • Dr. Karl E. Espelie
  • Mr. John T. Fickett and Mrs. Janice Fickett
  • Dr. Doris Yaddow Firth and Dr. Gerald R. Firth
  • Ms. Frances C. Franklin
  • Ms. Bynikini M. Frazier
  • Mrs. Carolee Wells Gailey
  • Dr. George M. Gazda and Mrs. Dolores Q. Gazda
  • Dr. Brian A. Glaser and Mrs. Judy Glaser
  • Dr. Evan M. Glazer
  • Mrs. Sara Orton Glickman and Dr. Carl D. Glickman
  • Dr. Denise Muth Glynn and Dr. Shawn M. Glynn
  • Mr. Mack H. Guest III and Mrs. Camilla M. Guest
  • Ms. Allison N. Gulati
  • Mrs. Emily Gunnells
  • Mrs. Linda Hughes Hardie
  • Dr. Sue E. Henderson
  • Dr. Lawrence R. Hepburn and Dr. Mary A. Hepburn
  • Dr. Cheri A. Hoy
  • Dr. Sylvia McCoy Hutchinson
  • Dr. Juanita Johnson-Bailey and Mr. Marvin Bailey
  • Mr. C. Mark Jones and Mrs. Sheila A. Jones
  • Dean Craig H. Kennedy and Ms. Tiina Hyvönen
  • Ms. Ann Kilgore
  • Dr. Carolyn Lehr
  • Dr. Richard L. Lynch and Mrs. Genevieve A. Lynch
  • Mr. Steve Marcotte and Dr. Anne Marcotte
  • Ms. Deborah N. Meyerhoff and Mr. Scott Meyerhoff
  • Mrs. Gay Smith Miller
  • Mr. Anthony L. Mock and Mrs. D'Nena Brown Mock
  • Mr. David J. Mullen Jr. and Mrs. Cynthia J. Mullen
  • Dr. Whitney L. Myers
  • Mrs. Clare Nesmith
  • Dr. J. Steven Oliver
  • Ms. Jessica Orbock and Mr. Eric Orbock
  • Mr. and Mrs. James Ossowski
  • Mr. Chad V. Powell and Mrs. Stephanie A. Powell
  • Dr. Patricia L. Reeves and Dr. Thomas C. Reeves
  • Ms. Mollie Roth
  • Dr. Donald O. Schneider and Ms. Julie Cashin-Schneider
  • Mr. Steve Scruggs and Mrs. Katie Scruggs
  • Dr. Stanton J. Singleton
  • Mr. Mark W. Slonaker and Mrs. Kathleen B. Slonaker
  • Dr. Elizabeth Brown Sloop
  • Mrs. Cara Turano Snow and Mr. Ricky Snow
  • Mr. Philip Solomons Jr. and Mrs. Cathy Solomons
  • Dr. John E. Steinbrink and Mrs. Lennie W. Steinbrink
  • Mr. James S. Tardy* and Mrs. Claire S. Tardy
  • Mr. Edward D. Tolley and Dr. Beth Dekle Tolley
  • Dr. Vasti Torres
  • Mrs. Betty Hooks Underwood
  • Dr. Cynthia O. Vail and Mr. Jonathan Vail
  • Dr. Lelia Vaughan
  • Ms. Martha L. Vaughan
  • Dr. Yan Wang
  • Mr. Dan Whitmire and Mrs. Faye Whitmire
  • Dr. Heide Wiegel and Dr. Juergen K. W. Wiegel
  • Dr. Otto P. Wielan
  • Mrs. Inga Willner
  • Dr. Roger B. Winston Jr. and Dr. Pat G. Winston
  • Dr. Russell H. Yeany Jr.* and Mrs. Brenda Yeany

* Deceased

Corporate and Foundation Sponsors

$50,000 – $150,000

  • Athens Sertoma Club
  • The Correll Family Foundation
  • Martin Management Investments, LP

$10,000 – $49,999

  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • Foundation for the Carolinas
  • Gulati Family Foundation Trust
  • Phil and Carol Hendrickson
  • Patrons of the Savannah Community Foundation
  • State Farm Companies Foundation
  • The Zeist Foundation

$5,000 – $9,999

  • The Downs Family Fund
  • Oconee River Georgia Youth Science & Technology Center

$1,000 – $4,999

  • Dondero's Kitchen
  • Pulte Homes
  • Reynolds Lake Oconee
  • Ritz-Carlton Lodge Reynolds Plantation
  • Transmedia Advertising, Inc.
  • Wells Fargo & Company