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The College of Education has created this page to provide our faculty, staff and students with the latest updates and resources on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Stay informed by visiting this page regularly.

The main source of updates and information is the University's COVID-19 page, so please check it regularly.

For Students

Frequently Asked Questions

How have student placements been affected?
The Office of Experiential Learning is communicating with schools, clinics, and other placement sites to determine how our placements might be affected by the pandemic. Priority will be given to students in their final semester before graduation and students who need clinical hours to meet certification/licensure requirements. Each student will be notified of any changes in their placement plan as quickly as possible. Contingencies are in place to ensure the required number of clinical hours can be obtained for licensure/certification. The situation is changing rapidly, and many school districts and clinics are still finalizing plans, so please be patient as we work to manage our placements.
What if I forgot a mask?
We will have disposable masks available at various locations in our three Athens buildings.
What happens if someone has an in-person class and a Zoom class back-to-back? Will there be spaces in the Athens buildings where students can do their online classes?

Chairs and chair/desk sets are spread throughout the hallways for students to study or attend online classes.

In addition, the following areas are available in the three buildings:

  • Ground floor: 14 seats
  • First floor: 32 seats including five in Campus Market Express
  • Second floor: 84 seats including the following:
    • Huddle rooms: 8 (two per room)
    • Student lounge: 12
    • Curriculum Materials Library (room 207): 14 study seats and 3 computer workstation seats
    • OIT conference room: 8
    • Computer Labs: 19 (when classes are not in session)
  • Third floor: 30 seats
  • Fourth floor: 35 seats
  • Fifth floor: 30 seats
  • Sixth floor: 38 seats
Ramsey (29 total)
  • First floor: 16 total
    • Lobby: 6
    • 103/6 hallway: 6
    • 114 hallway: 4
  • Second floor: 13
River's Crossing
  • First floor: 29 total
    • Classroom hall: 9
    • Sunroom: 15
    • Research hall: 5
Will rooms be cleaned between classes?
No, rooms will be cleaned once a day. Students and instructors should clean their individual spaces with wipes when they enter a room.
How will the labs in the Ramsey Student Center operate as most of them require close interaction?
The Department of Kinesiology has seven different lab classes, and there are several different models depending on the lab. For example, some athletic training labs have received approval for close contact, while others will use online simulation. Some exercise science labs are doing a combination of online and having a limited number of students in the lab, and others are developing remote procedures. Students should access the course syllabus to see what their specific lab is doing.

Links and Resources

The University doesn't want technology to be a barrier to your academic progress. If you are in need of a laptop and/or a Wi-Fi hotspot, send an email to to request a computer and/or hotspot. In the body of the email, simply state your name, 81x, and that you need a computer and/or hotspot. If you are unable to come to Athens, a few national companies are offering free or low cost internet including Charter Spectrum and Comcast.

For Faculty and Staff

Using classroom equipment with Zoom:

Teaching in the fall semester will require flexibility and adaptability, and we've equipped our classrooms to help with that. In our classrooms, you'll find an Epson DC-21 document camera. You can use this to display items to the in-class monitors and screens, but can also use this camera as an audio and/or video input for a Zoom call. These two videos show you how:

Please contact ITT for eLC and online teaching questions:

  • Nic Holt, ITT director
  • Jeff Rieter for questions about web conferencing, Zoom, audio recording, eLC issues, and online assessments
  • Kayla Flanagan for questions about social media in general, eLC issues, and online assessments
  • Ron Braxley for questions about video capture and captioning

Please contact OIT for technical/equipment questions:

Please contact our faculty volunteers for online teaching questions:

  • Sara Kajder for questions concerning online instruction and digital tools
  • Amanda Ferster for online instruction and digital tools
  • Lloyd Rieber for questions concerning online instruction and digital tools
  • Ilse Mason for questions about Google and digital tools
  • Gretchen Thomas for asynchronous class set up
  • TJ Kopcha for online group work activity set up, eLC rubrics, and presenting online with Powerpoint
  • Andrew Jackson for course organization and integration of online learning tools
  • Jill Stefaniak for facilitating online discussions via Zoom and Flipgrid
  • Janette Hill for online community building, Zoom and blended (async/sync) at the same time
  • Natalie Roberts for online research methods and Microsoft Office tools
  • Jason Edwards for online teaching questions and integration of Zoom and video recordings
  • Rob Lynall for questions about eLC and Kaltura

Any questions other than those listed above can be directed to the OIT help desk via email or via phone at 706-542-8007.