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The College of Education has created this page to provide our faculty, staff and students with the latest updates and resources on the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Stay informed by visiting this page regularly.

The main source of updates and information is the University's COVID-19 page, so please check it regularly. Also, University Libraries includes library resources for online classes.

For Students

The University doesn't want technology to be a barrier to your academic progress. If you are in need of a laptop and/or a Wi-Fi hotspot, send an email to to request a computer and/or hotspot. In the body of the email, simply state your name, 81x, and that you need a computer and/or hotspot. If you are unable to come to Athens, a few national companies are offering free or low cost internet including Charter Spectrum and Comcast.

For Faculty and Staff

Please contact ITT for eLC and online teaching questions:

  • Nic Holt, ITT director
  • Jeff Rieter for questions about web conferencing, Zoom, audio recording, eLC issues, and online assessments
  • Kayla Flanagan for questions about social media in general, eLC issues, and online assessments
  • Ron Braxley for questions about video capture and captioning

Please contact OIT for technical/equipment questions:

Please contact our faculty volunteers for online teaching questions:

  • Sara Kajder for questions concerning online instruction and digital tools
  • Amanda Ferster for online instruction and digital tools
  • Lloyd Rieber for questions concerning online instruction and digital tools
  • Ilse Mason for questions about Google and digital tools
  • Gretchen Thomas for asynchronous class set up
  • TJ Kopcha for online group work activity set up, eLC rubrics, and presenting online with Powerpoint
  • Andrew Jackson for course organization and integration of online learning tools
  • Jill Stefaniak for facilitating online discussions via Zoom and flipgrid
  • Janette Hill for online community building, zoom, and blended (async/sync) at same time
  • Natalie Roberts for online research methods and Micosoft Office tools
  • Jason Edwards for online teaching questions and integration of Zoom and video recordings
  • Rob Lynall for questions about eLC and Kaltura

Any questions other than those listed above can be directed to the OIT help desk via email or via phone at 706-542-8007.