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Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research

The Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research is focused on research, training for educators and therapists, and providing needed services to the community for individuals with autism spectrum disorders or other developmental disabilities (of all ages), and children who are struggling either academically or behaviorally.

The center comprises a multidisciplinary group of faculty members who share their expertise around the shared goal of applying behavior analytic principles to affect beneficial behavior change. Faculty and affiliated students conduct research on a range of topics that include (but are not limited to):

  • Early child communication and language development
  • Reading
  • Assessment
  • Parent coaching
  • Severe problem behavior
  • Stereotypy
  • Self-injury
  • Technology

Through our collaborative efforts, we are helping to shape the fields of developmental disabilities and education by applying behavioral science to improving the skills, behaviors, and academic achievement of individuals with disabilities.

ResearchFunded projects work with school districts to train behavioral specialists. Other research includes assessment of repetitive behaviors, coaching for caregivers, communication and language development, and the Autism Oral History Project, which is archiving the stories of those with autism and their families.
TrainingWe provide training for students interested in becoming board-certified behavioral assistant behavior analysts (BCaBA), and also work closely with the College’s academic programs that offer advanced degrees in special education, educational psychology, and communication sciences.
ServiceThe Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research provides a range of evidence-based assessment, intervention, and consultation services founded in principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) to individuals diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental disabilities and children who are struggling academically or behaviorally. Programs are overseen by board certified behavior analysts (BCBA or BCBA-D) and/or licensed psychologists. In addition to providing services in a clinic setting, we manage multiple model classrooms and provides behavioral and academic consultation services to school districts across Georgia.

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Faculty and Staff

Kevin M Ayres
Rachel R. Cagliani
Assistant Professor
Rebecca Carnes
Behavior Analyst I
Tyler-Curtis Cory Elliott
Behavioral Analyst II
Madeline Griffin
Behavioral Analyst I
Audrey McNew
Behavior Analyst I
Alexandra Mercado Baez
Behavioral Analyst II
Natalie J. Morris
Behaviorial Analyst II
Emily G. Pollack
Behavioral Analyst II
Joel Ringdahl

Contact Info

Kevin Ayres and Scott Ardoin
Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research 850 College Station Road Rivers Crossing II Athens, Georgia 30605
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