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The Department of Career and Information Studies develops informed leaders through teaching, research, and service in learning, design, and technology; and career and workforce development. Programs within the department emphasize creativity and innovation in learning, instruction, scholarship, and outreach.

Our faculty members are diverse and have deep knowledge of teaching and learning within multiple in-school and out-of-school settings. As an interdisciplinary group, we focus on innovative approaches to effective teaching and learning to help citizens develop knowledge and expertise in a variety of areas.

Degree Structure


Learning, Design, and Technology

The Learning, Design, and Technology program trains students in the latest technologies and tools to design and implement lesson and training programs. Our goal is to prepare professionals to identify and analyze learning problems, and to then create and implement more effective instruction in its place.

Workforce Education

The Workforce Education program prepares students for leadership, university, and other roles in career and technical education.

Degree Programs

Contact Details

  • Address:
    131 River's Crossing
    850 College Station Road
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Phone: 706-542-1682
  • Fax: 706-542-4054
  • Email:
  • Department Head:
    Lloyd Reiber

RAIL program

RAIL program

Research for the Advancement of Innovative Learning (RAIL) was formed to bring educational innovation to the masses. Our current projects cover robotics, forest research studies, and STEM education.

Real-world lessons

Real-world lessons

Professor John Mativo is working with students and volunteers to bring modern solutions to a rural village in India. Their sustainable innovations benefit both the residents and the students' future careers.

STEM education

STEM education

Thanks to public-private partnerships around the world, we are developing innovative curricula and teaching it to educators, preparing the next generation of learners.

Student Organizations

Career and Information Studies Graduate Association (CISGA)

The Career and Information Studies Graduate Association aims to foster relationships and communication between students and faculty in the Department of Career and Information Studies, esatblishing a community of shared knowledge and collaboration. Through the promotion of cross-departmental partnerships and community affiliations, CISGA attempts to increase students' engagement in professional practices that surpass the boundaries of the university.

Faculty advisor: Ikseon Choi

Instructional Technology Student Association

This organization allows students to learn more about the field of instructional technology through contacts with fellow students, professors, alumni, and working professionals, and through participation in projects.


Research Grants

Faculty and Staff

Elaine Adams

  • Associate Professor

Carol M. Baum

  • Administrative Assistant I

Rob Branch

  • Professor

Ikseon Choi

  • Professor

Tiffany Haag

  • Business Manager I

Janette Hill

  • Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Roger B. Hill

  • Professor
  • Professor and Department Head

Andrew Jackson

  • Assistant Professor

Nancy Flanagan Knapp

  • Associate Professor
  • Adjunct Associate Professor

Theodore J. Kopcha

  • Associate Professor
  • Professor on Special Assignment

In Heok Lee

  • Associate Professor

John M. Mativo

  • Associate Professor

Kristi Ogletree

  • Student Affairs Professional

Thomas Reeves

  • Professor Emeritus

Lloyd P. Rieber

  • Professor and Department Head

Jay W. Rojewski

  • Professor

Jill Stefaniak

  • Assistant Professor
  • Assistant Professor

Wanda L. Stitt-Gohdes

  • Professor Emeritus