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Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation

The Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation (CCPE) is committed to providing behavioral health services to the residents of the Athens area and surrounding communities as well as the UGA faculty, staff, and student population.

The clinicians providing services are doctoral- and masters-level students in counseling psychology and mental health counseling who are supervised by licensed psychologists and licensed professional counselors. The CCPE is an interdisciplinary site in which pharmacy and nursing students also train collaboratively with psychology and counseling student clinicians. Pharmacy faculty from the UGA College of Pharmacy and nursing faculty from the Medical College of Georgia-Augusta University provide supervision. The CCPE strives to provide whole-person care and serve the community while providing excellent training for graduate students.

The Neuroscience and Aging Clinic (NAC) is part of UGA’s CCPE. The NAC provides comprehensive services for individuals of all ages, from young adults to seniors, and is a valuable resource for those seeking to understand and manage the effects of aging on the brain. The NAC also specializes in the assessment and treatment of neurological disorders associated with aging, such as:

  • Mild or Major Cognitive Impairment (MCI)
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Other Dementia-related Disorders
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Stroke

Our interprofessional team is dedicated to helping patients understand the changes that occur in the brain as we age and how to manage them most effectively using individualized treatment plans. Our clinic also offers a variety of educational programs and support groups to help patients and their families better understand the aging process.

The CCPE is an interdisciplinary clinic in which psychology, counseling, pharmacy, and nursing students and faculty collaborate in services to our clients for their whole-person well-being. Pharmacy and nursing staff consult with clinicians regarding general health concerns and assist in medical or medication referrals as needed.

The UGA Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation complies with applicable federal civil rights laws. Students, faculty, staff, and persons served are treated in a nondiscriminatory manner without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, ethnicity, citizenship, culture, disability, participation restriction, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/gender expression, genetic information, language, dialect, or status as a parent or veteran.

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Counseling provides an opportunity to receive support and experience growth, often during challenging times, within the context of a confidential relationship. You will work together with a clinician to discuss and define personal issues and reach mutually agreed-upon treatment goals. We provide counseling services for:

  • Individuals across the lifespan
  • Partners/couples
  • Families
General Assessment and Psycho-Educational Assessments

The CCPE offers comprehensive psychological and psychoeducational assessments for clients of all ages. Our clinicians are psychologists-in-training who are closely supervised by licensed psychologists to ensure that we provide the best experience for everyone involved. Some of our most common assessment questions involve, but are not limited to:

  • ADHD
  • Learning disorders (reading, writing, mathematics)
  • Intellectual functioning concerns
  • Depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD
  • Personality and/or social functioning
Neuropsychology Assessment and Supportive Services

Neuropsychological and psychosocial assessments are conducted in the NAC to evaluate cognitive functioning, to learn more about current behavior, abilities, and challenges, and to help patients and their families cope with the changes associated with aging. The NAC provides:

  • Neuropsychological assessments to help diagnose potential issues related to aging, such as Major or Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Alzheimer’s Disease, and Other Dementia-related Disorders
  • Information on the latest research and treatments
  • Supportive services, such as counseling and support groups

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Group counseling is one of many forms of support offered at CCPE. CCPE offers various groups that are focused on special themes. Groups provide the advantage of a network of support and are especially helpful in learning to build trust, self-acceptance, intimacy, communication skills, and empathy. Groups currently offered include:

  • Undergraduate Black Women’s Group
  • Individuals with Disabilities Group
  • Dealing with Anxiety Group
  • Asian American Support Group
  • Dealing with ADHD Group

Please call the CCPE for more information about group availability.

Children and Adolescents

The CCPE offers a wide range of services to children and adolescents. Our clinicians work closely with clinical supervisors to develop treatment plans for each child or adolescent, and we strive to make our services affordable and accessible. Our services include:

  • Individual therapy for children
  • Individual therapy for adolescents
  • Play therapy for children
  • Psychoeducational assessments for children and adolescents

Throughout each year, the CCPE conducts various outreach events that aim to provide educational opportunities for students to learn about mental health topics, such as self-care and navigating college. The events also help students understand the resources provided through the CCPE.

Collaboration with other units on campus is essential to the outreach efforts of the CCPE. We have collaborated with multiple departments including Student Care and Outreach and Multicultural Services and Programs. In the past year, the CCPE has participated in the following programs:

  • The UGA Be Well Fest
  • Multicultural Services Programs
  • First Year Seminar Programs
  • Facilitate the EmpowHER Sista Circles

We look forward to continuing to broaden our outreach efforts across campus.

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Faculty and Staff

Linda Campbell

Director of the Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation

Bernadette Heckman

Director of the Neuroscience and Aging Clinic

Linda Logan

Senior public service associate

Cassandra Statom

Office manager


Individual counseling fees are based on yearly household income ranging from $10-$30 per session ($10 for UGA students). A sliding scale is considered for clients who demonstrate financial hardship.

General, psychoeducational, and neuropsychological assessments include an intake interview, two days of administration of testing, and a feedback session. Fees for each assessment are $950.

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Faculty and Staff

Jasmine McGhee
Clinical Coordinator
Amanda Shannon
Clinical Coordinator of the Neuroscience and Aging Clinic
Jatawn Tickles
Assessment Coordinator

Contact Info

Office Manager: Cassandra Statom
Director: Linda Campbell, Center for Counseling and Personal Evaluation Dr. Heckman, Neuroscience and Aging Clinic
  • Phone: 706-542-8508
424 Aderhold Hall 110 Carlton Street Athens, Georgia 30602
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