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Become a leader in the fields of teaching, learning, human development, and behavior in our Educational Psychology programs. Graduate-level researchers study how students think and learn, the science of giftedness and creativity, quantitative methodology, and the best practices in the field of school psychology.

By crafting personalized plans of study, we prepare you to be an educational researcher, theorist, or practitioner who works to serve diverse populations. Our department comprises four interconnected areas of emphasis, which provide depth and flexibility to customize your program of study and become an expert in the research skills to build knowledge about the ways students think and learn.

  • Applied cognition and development
    Explore the effect of cognitive and developmental processes on education, and determine how that knowledge can be applied to teaching and learning
  • Gifted and creative education
    Follow the philosophy that giftedness and creativity are expressed in diverse ways among diverse people, that creativity is a universal potential to be nurtured and enhanced, and that the best education is tailored to student's specific needs for talent development
  • Quantitative methodology
    In this program, not only will you make advancements in the field, but also connect these solutions to real-world problems in educational and social science research
  • School psychology
    Learn to become a clinically skilled psychologist who understands and works within accepted scientific principles and guidelines

Our department is also home to several leading research centers and clinics that offer opportunities for practical experience working with clients and conducting research projects. This includes the School Psychology Clinic, the Academic Computing Center, and the Georgia Center for Assessment. Our students also may work closely with the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development.

Our faculty members have been awarded millions of dollars in federal and private funding for research on topics such as:

  • Assessment and remediation of children's reading difficulty
  • Sex differences in mathematics strategies
  • Underrepresented populations in gifted education
  • Creativity
  • Reading comprehension and vocabulary development
  • Diagnostic classification models
  • Preschool intervention for children living in poverty
  • Design of student-centered learning environments
  • Dropout prevention

Contact Details

  • Address:
    323 Aderhold Hall
    110 Carlton Street
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Department head: Scott Ardoin

Support our programs

Student Organizations

Association of School Psychologists (ASP)

To advise the scholarly goals and professional interests of future school psychologists.

Faculty advisor: Scott Patrick Ardoin

Graduate Researchers in Educational Psychology

This organization fosters communication between graduate students and faculty in the Department of Educational Psychology and to encourage active participation in projects relating to fields represented in the department.

Faculty advisor: Michele Lease


Research Grants

Outreach Programs

  • Autism Diagnostic Evaluation

    If you believe your child may benefit from an evaluation at the UGA School Psychology Clinic, here is an overview of the various types.

  • Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations

    If you believe your child may benefit from an evaluation at the UGA School Psychology Clinic, here is an overview of the various types.

  • Intervention Services

    If you believe your child may benefit from an evaluation at the UGA School Psychology Clinic, here is an overview of the various types.

Faculty and Staff

Scott Patrick Ardoin

  • Professor and Department Head

Kadir Bahar

  • Assistant Professor

Laine P. Bradshaw

  • Associate Professor

Kristen Bub

  • Associate Professor

Hye-Jeong Choi

  • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Allan S. Cohen

  • Professor

Stephen E. Cramer

  • Senior Academic Professional Emeritus

George Engelhard

  • Professor

Amanda E. Ferster

  • Assistant Professor-Limited Term

Logan Fiorella

  • Assistant Professor

Shawn M. Glynn

  • Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Emeritus

Tarek Cy Grantham

  • Professor

Ashley Johnson Harrison

  • Associate Professor

Glenda Henderson

  • Business Manager I

Meg Easom Hines

  • Senior Lecturer

Seock-Ho Kim

  • Professor

Nancy Flanagan Knapp

  • Adjunct Associate Professor

Michele Lease

  • Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Jennifer H. Lindstrom

  • Adjunct Professor

Zhenqiu (Laura) Lu

  • Associate Professor

Roy P. Martin

  • Professor Emeritus

Danielle Mitchell

  • Administrative Associate II

Stacey M. Neuharth-Pritchett

  • Associate Dean for Academic Programs
  • Professor

Chitra Pidaparti

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Amy L. Reschly

  • Professor and Program Coordinator

Sarah E. Sumners

  • Associate Research Scientist

Jason A. Tiller

  • Student Affairs Professional II and Graduate Coordinator Assistant

Shiyu Wang

  • Assistant Professor