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K-12 Assessment Solutions

As a public service organization within the Mary Frances Early College of Education, K-12 Assessment Solutions functions as a bridge between research and practice. Our goal is to improve learning and achievement while building relationships with leaders in education and business across communities.

We have the expertise to provide teaching, learning, and assessment solutions, including assessment and item development, and facilitation services supported by academic research.

We are not a “one size fits all” organization. Our clients—departments of education, schools, and districts, among other business entities—trust us to provide them with customized solutions to meet their needs.

For questions or for more information on any of our services, please submit to our contact form .

Item and Assessment Development

Our Philosophy

An item, task, assessment, or assessment system is only as good as the process by which it is created. K-12 Assessment Solutions has vast experience in item and assessment development to provide customized assessment solutions to schools, districts, states, and education organizations.

Our products and services include developing high-quality, rigorous assessment items/tasks and assessments for school and districts. K-12 Assessment Solutions also supports states and other educational organizations with the development process, including conducting and facilitating content, bias, and accessibility reviews, data reviews, and standard setting events.

Our Service to Schools and Districts

Data is only as good as the quality of the assessment. With increasing demands and expectations for students, teachers, and schools, we know that your time is valuable.

Our team can support your school’s/district’s formative instructional practices by partnering with you on one or more of the components that are part of an effective formative assessment cycle.

The K-12 Assessment Solutions development team can support schools/districts with gathering evidence of learning by reviewing your current assessments and/or developing high-quality, rigorous assessment items and assessments that will guide instruction and improve student achievement.

District and School Assessment

K-12 Assessment Solutions can support districts and schools by:

  • Developing formative common assessments
  • Developing interim benchmark assessments
  • Evaluating district and/or school assessments
  • Providing item banks aligned to Common Core Standards and state standards
  • Developing different items types, matching between methods of assessment to learning targets

We offer a variety of item development services that best suits the needs of all our clients, whether it is developing items, reviewing, and enhancing items, or creating item banks.

Our team currently partners with states, districts, and schools on the development of a variety of types of items and assessments .

Our Service to States and Educational Organizations

K-12 Assessment Solutions works closely with state agencies and other educational organizations throughout the test development process including:

  • Developing content
  • Training for administration
  • Conducting and facilitating content, bias, and accessibility reviews, data reviews, and standard-setting events

Our development team can support the development of high-quality, rigorous assessments that engage students and provide accurate results for stakeholders including high-stakes summative assessments, alternate assessments, kindergarten readiness assessments, and formative game-based assessments for early learners.

Assessment AuditK-12 Assessment Solutions Assessment Audit offers tools and resources to help schools and districts evaluate assessments and help determine whether assessments and assessment systems are in balance.

Assesslets are formative tools aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence (GSE) and are available in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics, science, and social studies.

Assesslets, while not intended to predict performance on state summative assessments, can provide information on how well students understand concepts and their ability to demonstrate knowledge and skills in a particular content area or domain. Items within each Assesslet are designed to require extended reasoning and critical thinking beyond basic recall.

Learn more about Assesslets

District and School Connect

District and School Connect (DSC) is a comprehensive educational platform designed to meet the instructional and assessment needs of schools and districts.

From the district administrator to the school, teacher, student, and parent, DSC supports teaching and student learning and achievement.

Faculty and Staff

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Academic Services Professional

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