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The Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE) is an educational research and development center in the College of Education.

CLASE also provides expertise, research assistance, outreach in areas impacting Latinx and other students. We provide evidence-based, short- and long-term professional development and scheduled workshops for schools, media, community groups, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, courts, and more. CLASE is involved in developing models for reducing education-related disparities and learning gaps for:

  • children, youth and adults, particularly in the professional development of teachers P-20
  • after-school services and
  • through family involvement strategies.

Professional Development Highlights

  • Summer institutes on Instructional Conversation training
  • Training and coaching opportunities focusing on the cognitive, linguistic and cultural theories behind IC
  • Training on the practical issues involved in implementing this pedagogy in the classroom
  • Partnerships with more than seven school districts in North Georgia
  • Unique study abroad opportunity for teachers integrating language goals into science instruction
  • Use of online teacher platform, including access to task cards and webinars

Contact Details

  • Address:
    125 Aderhold Hall
    110 Carlton Street
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Executive Director: Pedro Portes

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Faculty and Staff

Rebecca Hixon

  • Postdoc Research Associate

Paula J. Mellom

  • Associate Director

Pedro R. Portes

  • Executive Director

Jodi Polefrone Weber

  • Education Specialist