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Recognized as a national research leader in the fields of mathematics and science education, this department combines the expertise of its internationally known faculty with the energy and innovation of its rising young scholars.

The University of Georgia has one of the largest and most respected groups of mathematics and science education faculty in the world. All of our prominent researchers teach doctoral courses and direct doctoral dissertation studies. Our researchers also teach undergraduate courses, implementing knowledge generated through their research.


Mathematics Education

Interested in mathematics? We share your passion! Degree programs in math education prepare students for careers as teachers, researchers, and leaders.

Science Education

Science teachers instill excitement and fascination about the natural world. Further your career as a science educator with one of our many degree programs.


Research Grants


Student Organizations

Mathematics Education Student Association (MESA)

This organization provides a forum for the exchange and distribution of information and ideas pertaining to mathematics education.

Faculty advisor: Kevin C. Moore

Journal: The Mathematics Educator

The Mathematics Educator strives to provide a forum for collaboration of mathematics educators at varying levels of professional experience. Its purpose is to promote the interchange of ideas among the mathematics education community, locally, nationally, and internationally and to present a variety of viewpoints on a broad spectrum of issues related to mathematics education.

The Mathematics Educator publishes a variety of types of manuscripts from students and other professionals in mathematics education including:

  • Reports of research (including experiments, case studies, surveys, and historical studies)
  • Descriptions of curriclum projects or classroom experiences
  • Literature reviews
  • Theoretical analyses
  • Critiques of general articles, research reports, books, or software
  • Commentaries on research methods in mathematics education
  • Commentaries on public policies in mathematics education

Faculty and Staff

Mary M. Atwater

  • Professor

Justin Barnett

  • Business Manager I

Cameron O'Neill Byerley

  • Assistant Professor

Daniel K. Capps

  • Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Science Education

Jaime Marie Diamond

  • Assistant Professor

Kelly Edenfield

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Amy Ellis

  • Professor

Pamela D. Hales

  • Business Manager I

Roger B. Hill

  • Professor and Department Head

Georgia Wood Hodges

  • Associate Research Scientist and MAT Coordinator

David F. Jackson

  • Associate Professor

Jeremy Kilpatrick

  • Professor Emeritus

Julie M. Kittleson

  • Associate Professor and Program Coordinator

Julie A. Luft

  • Athletic Association Professor

Marsha McCrary

  • Senior Lecturer

Kevin C. Moore

  • Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Katrina Neidlinger

  • Student Affairs Professional II

Robyn Ovrick

  • Senior Lecturer

Denise A. Spangler

  • Dean
  • Bebe Aderhold Professor in Elementary Education

Leslie Steffe

  • Professor Emeritus

Deborah Tippins

  • Professor

James W. Wilson

  • Professor Emeritus

Patricia S. Wilson

  • Professor Emeritus

Megan Wongkamalasai

  • Assistant Professor

Contact Us

Department Head: Roger B. Hill

105 Aderhold Hall 110 Carlton Street Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Phone: 706-542-4194
  • Fax: 706-542-4551
  • Email: