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Our faculty pursue a variety of research interests, which they share within our students' coursework. Their work includes:

  • Children's mathematical thinking
  • Discourse and discourse analysis
  • Integers / negative numbers
  • Cognitively guided instruction
  • Argumentation in secondary mathematics classrooms
  • Collective argumentation
  • Beliefs in teaching practices

As a result, our students graduate with experience in essential and emerging fields of mathematics education.

Another unique aspect of our programs are the amount of time our students spend in classrooms working with students. Starting with one-on-one experiences, our students move through the program building on their abilities and students' ideas, culminating with teaching and managing multiple classrooms during a student-teaching experience.

Contact Details

  • Address:
    105 Aderhold Hall
    110 Carlton Street
    Athens, Georgia 30602
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Student Organizations

Mathematics Education Student Association (MESA)

This organization provides a forum for the exchange and distribution of information and ideas pertaining to mathematics education.

Faculty advisor: Kevin C. Moore

Faculty and Staff

AnnaMarie Conner

  • Associate Professor

Jaime Marie Diamond

  • Assistant Professor

Marsha McCrary

  • Senior Lecturer

Kevin C. Moore

  • Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

Robyn Ovrick

  • Senior Lecturer

Denise A. Spangler

  • Dean
  • Bebe Aderhold Professor in Early Childhood Education

Dorothy Yazidah White

  • Associate Professor