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Department of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Education

Recognized as a national research leader in the fields of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Education, this department combines the expertise of its internationally known faculty with the energy and innovation of its rising young scholars.

The University of Georgia has one of the largest and most respected groups of Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Education faculty in the world. All of our prominent researchers teach doctoral courses and direct doctoral dissertation studies. Our researchers also teach undergraduate courses, implementing knowledge generated through their research.


  • Mathematics Education

    Interested in mathematics? We share your passion! Degree programs in math education prepare students for careers as teachers, researchers, and leaders.

  • Science Education

    Science teachers instill excitement and fascination about the natural world. Further your career as a science educator with one of our many degree programs.

  • Social Studies Education

    The Social Studies Education program invites future teachers who are interested in making a positive difference in the world.

Degree Programs

Double Dawgs
Combined Bachelor's and Master's Degrees

Bachelor of Science in Education (BSEd)

Dual Degrees

Master of Education (MEd)

  • MEd in Mathematics Education (Grades 6-12)

    Enhance your knowledge of the mathematics field and upgrade your existing teaching certification with the MEd in Mathematics Education for grades 6-12.

  • MEd in Mathematics Education (PreK-8, Griffin Campus)

    Advance your skills with the MEd in Mathematics Education (PreK-8). Earn professional endorsements and become a leader within your school, district, or state.

  • MEd in Science Education (Online)
  • MEd in Social Studies Education

    With the M.Ed. in Social Studies Education, cultivate the ways in which students conceive of their own place in history, position in the economy, impact in civic spaces, and their notions of belonging. For this program, we seek teachers who wish to continue to refine their strategies for teaching about the rich complexities of the cultural world in the 21st century. The program consists of 36 hours of coursework culminating in a comprehensive examination. Depending on your school district, completion of this program may lead to a T-5 certification upgrade.

Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

  • MAT in Mathematics Education

    The Master of Arts in Teaching degree program leads to certification as a secondary school mathematics teacher (grades 6-12) and is intended for individuals holding a bachelor's degree in mathematics or a related field with a strong mathematics background.

  • MAT in Science Education

    Graduates of this program earn initial teacher certification in a secondary science field (biology, chemistry, earth/space science, or physics, grades 6-12), in the context of master's degree studies and therefore at the T-5 (advanced) level.

  • MAT in Social Studies Education

Master of Arts (MA)

  • MA in Education (Mathematics Education)

    Further your explorations in mathematics and teaching concepts in our research-based, doctoral-prep program.

  • MA in Education (Science Education)

    This is a research-oriented degree that may be pursued by anyone interested in studying issues in science education at the graduate level, whether or not holding science teacher certification.

  • MA in Education (Social Studies Education)

    The M.A. in Social Studies Education is for practicing teachers who are interested in getting deeper knowledge of the theories and practices embedded within social studies.

Educational Specialist (EdS)

  • EdS in Mathematics Education (Grades 6-12)

    The specialist in education degree program is designed for experienced secondary school mathematics teachers who hold a master's degree and T-5 certification in secondary school mathematics teaching and wish to further their study of mathematics education.

  • EdS in Mathematics Education (PreK-8, Griffin Campus)

    Lead in mathematics education and earn an endorsement for teaching math in grades K-8 with our online and in-person educational specialist program.

  • EdS in Science Education

    Upgrade your teacher certification from the T-5 to the T-6 level in a science field (biology, chemistry, earth/space science, physics, "broad field" secondary science, or middle grades science).

  • EdS in Education (Social Studies Education)

    Design an advanced course of study in social studies education through this flexible program for working teachers who already hold a master's degree.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • PhD in Mathematics Education

    This degree is designed for those with a strong background in both mathematics and mathematics education who wish to be leading researchers in mathematics education.

  • PhD in Science Education

    This program emphasizes broad and deep familiarity with the research literature in science education, and the development of skills necessary to make original and important contributions to research.

  • PhD in Education (Social Studies Education)

    Tackle pressing issues in the field of education and challenges facing diverse communities with the PhD in Educational Theory and Practice.

Doctor of Education (EdD)

  • EdD in Science Education

    Develop skills to make original and impactful contributions to science education with the doctor of education degree.

Non-Degree Programs

Certificate Programs

Certification-Only Programs

  • Certification in Mathematics Education

    Earn your math teaching certificate in about a year through this non-degree program aimed at students with a background in math but not education.

  • Certification in Science Education

    Earn your math teaching certificate in about a year through this non-degree program aimed at students with a background in math but not education.

Endorsement/Certificate Programs

  • Coaching Endorsement and Certificate (Griffin Campus)

    An individual with the Coaching Endorsement has strengthened and enhanced competency levels to use performance assessment data to provide specific feedback to individuals that will assist them in meeting criteria for performance in various educational positions.

  • Financial Literacy Endorsement and Certificate

    The Financial Literacy Endorsement is an add-on credential that allows certified teachers in Georgia the ability to provide direct instruction to students in their areas of initial certification. Teachers with the Financial Literacy Endorsement can support students in courses that center on financial literacy in grades 6-12.

  • K-5 Mathematics Endorsement and Certificate (Griffin Campus)

    Earn an endorsement in K-5 mathematics and learn the latest developments in curriculum and assessment through our program designed for full-time teachers.

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In addition to the following departmental scholarships, learn more about additional opportunities for financial assistance on our financial aid page .

Student Organizations

Mathematics Education Student Association (MESA)

This organization provides a forum for the exchange and distribution of information and ideas pertaining to mathematics education.

Faculty advisor: Cameron Byerley

Journal: The Mathematics Educator

The Mathematics Educator strives to provide a forum for collaboration of mathematics educators at varying levels of professional experience. Its purpose is to promote the interchange of ideas among the mathematics education community, locally, nationally, and internationally and to present a variety of viewpoints on a broad spectrum of issues related to mathematics education.

The Mathematics Educator publishes a variety of types of manuscripts from students and other professionals in mathematics education including:

  • Reports of research (including experiments, case studies, surveys, and historical studies)
  • Descriptions of curriclum projects or classroom experiences
  • Literature reviews
  • Theoretical analyses
  • Critiques of general articles, research reports, books, or software
  • Commentaries on research methods in mathematics education
  • Commentaries on public policies in mathematics education

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Faculty and Staff

Emily Adah Miller
Assistant Professor
Mary M. Atwater
Professor Emerita
Justin Barnett
Business Manager I
Cameron O'Neill Byerley
Assistant Professor
Susan O. Cannon
Assistant Professor
Daniel K. Capps
Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Science Education
AnnaMarie Conner
Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Math Ed
Jaime Marie Diamond
Associate Professor
Tianna Dowie-Chin
Assistant Professor
Kelly W Edenfield
Clinical Associate Professor and MAT Coordinator
Amy Ellis
Yizhu Gao
Assistant Professor
H. James Garrett
Professor and Graduate Coordinator for Social Studies Ed
Rebecca Cooper Geller
Assistant Professor
Pamela D Hales
Administrative Specialist I
Larry L. Hatfield
Josiah T. Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education
Roger B Hill
Professor and Department Head
Georgia Wood Hodges
Associate Research Scientist and MAT Coordinator
David F. Jackson
Emeritus Associate Professor
Sonia Janis
Clinical Professor and MAT Coordinator
Julie M. Kittleson
Associate Professor
Julie A Luft
Athletic Association Professor of Science Education & Distinguished Research Professor
Marsha McCrary
Senior Lecturer
Katrina Neidlinger
Student Affairs Professional II
J. Steve Oliver
Professor Emeritus
Robyn Ovrick
Senior Lecturer
Denise A. Spangler
Bebe Aderhold Professor in Elementary Education
Leslie Steffe
Professor Emeritus
Deborah Tippins
Professor Emerita
Patricia S Wilson
Professor Emeritus
Xiaoming Zhai
Associate Professor
Ailing Zhang
Administrative Specialist I

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