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Mardi Schmeichel

  • Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and Science Education

  • On-Site Instructor, Professional Development School District

Portrait of Mardi Schmeichel

Contact Information

Office Location

624B Aderhold Hall
110 Carlton Street
Athens, Georgia 30602

Social Media

Affiliated Units

Areas of Expertise

  • Feminist Theory
  • Social Studies Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Discourse Analysis

Research Interests

  • Young people's social media use
  • News Media Literacy in Social Studies and Teacher Education
  • Teaching and Coaching in High Schools
  • Teachers perceptions of news sources
  • Addressing current events in Social Studies
  • Teacher Influencers on Instagram

Programs of Study


Research Summary

I am interested in how in-service and preservice social studies teachers think about the news media and how they attend to current events in their social studies classes. I also study people's social media use and explore the consequences of consuming content posted online. Current projects include explorations of the relationship between political ideology and teachers' perceptions and use of mainstream media resources, teacher influencers on Instagram and ongoing investigations into the use of technology in social life, teaching, and research.


Degree Concentration Institution Year
Ph.D. Social Studies Education University of Georgia 2012
M.Ed. Social Studies Education University of Georgia 2009
B.A. International Affiars University of Nebraska-Lincoln 1992