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Shawn M. Glynn

  • Josiah Meigs Distinguished Teaching Professor, Emeritus, Department of Educational Psychology

Affiliated Units

Areas of Expertise

  • Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • Assessment of Science Learning and Motivation

Research Interests

  • Assessment of Science Learning and Motivation

Programs of Study

Research Summary

The "Science Motivation Questionnaire II © 2011 Shawn M. Glynn" assesses components of students' motivation to learn science in college and high school courses. You have permission to use the SMQ-II if you cite the Glynn et al. (2011) research article (see "Links" on this page) and comply with the fair use of this copyrighted and registered questionnaire. This permission extends to discipline-specific SMQ-II versions such as the Biology Motivation Questionnaire II (BMQ-II), Chemistry Motivation Questionnaire II (CMQ-II), and Physics Motivation Questionnaire (PMQ-II) in which the words biology, chemistry, and physics are respectively substituted for the word science. You also have permission to (a) reproduce the SMQ-II, its versions, and its translations—for fair use in research and teaching; in part or in whole; in print, online, or other media—if you clearly include the copyright notice "Science Motivation Questionnaire II © 2011 Shawn M. Glynn" with the reproduction and (b) adapt the items of the SMQ-II, its versions, and its translations if you acknowledge the items are "adapted from the Science Motivation Questionnaire II © 2011 Shawn M. Glynn."


Degree Concentration Institution Year
Ph.D. Educational Psychology The Pennsylvania State University

Awards and Accolades

Year Award From
2008 UGA Study in a Second Discipline Fellow: Biology University of Georgia
2006 Aderhold Distinguished Professor Award University of Georgia
1998 Josiah Meigs Award for Excellence in Teaching University of Georgia
1997 UGA Senior Teaching Fellow University of Georgia
1996 Osborn Faculty Senate Award for Teaching University of Georgia
1990 Fulbright Senior Research Fellow, Germany Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program
1989 German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Scholar German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
1987 American Psychological Association Fellow American Psychological Association
1986 UGA Sarah Moss Fellow, England University of Georgia