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The School Psychology Clinic at the University of Georgia provides both intervention and assessment services for individuals from preschool age through adolescence. Our intervention and evaluation services include:

Evaluation services

  • General psychoeducational evaluations services
    • ADHD
    • Behavioral Concerns
    • Gifted
    • Intellectual Disabilities
    • Specific Learning Disabilities
    • Social—Emotional Concerns
  • Autism Diagnostic Assessments

General Psychoeducational Evaluation Services Autism Diagnostic Evaluation Services

Intervention services

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)

  • PCIT is an evidence-based treatment for young children with emotional and behavioral problems that improves the quality of parent-child interaction patterns. Trained therapists coach parents in the application of specific therapy skills as they play with their child.
  • PCIT achieves the following therapy goals:
    • Improves the relationship between parent and child
    • The child learns how to mind and become compliant
    • The child's attention span is increased
    • The child's self-esteem is improved
    • The child's anger and irritability is reduced
  • PCIT is for children ages 2-7 and is effective for treating the following behaviors:
    • Noncompliance
    • Lying
    • Verbal and physical aggression
    • Hyperactivity
    • Cruelty to animals
    • Biting other children
    • Poor adjustment to a blended family

Intervention Services

If you would like to schedule an appointment or have a question about services and/or fees, please call the clinic at 706-542-4265 and speak with one of our professionals (please do not email us to schedule an appointment). We will discuss your needs, the process, and answer any questions.

Clinical services are provided by advanced graduate students who are supervised by licensed psychologists with expertise in school, clinical, autism, and neuropsychological evaluations. Case are also supervised by a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist with expertise in pediatrics. We adhere to applicable legal, ethical, and professional standards in the provision of psychological services.

Clinic Supervision

  • Elizabeth Edmonds, PhD, licensed psychologist
  • Ashley Johnson, PhD, licensed psychologist and assistant professor of school psychology
  • Michele Lease, PhD, licensed psychologist and professor of school psychology
  • Chitra Pidaparti, PhD, licensed psychologist

Contact Details

  • Address:
    302 Aderhold Hall
    110 Carlton Street
    Athens, Georgia 30602
  • Phone: 706-542-4265
Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome you to call with any questions, although we have several already listed on our resources page (scroll to the bottom).

Our Clinicians

Our Clinicians

Learn more about our clinicians, who are experts in behavioral interventions, autism spectrum disorder, and socio-emotional assessment, among others.

Make a payment

Make a payment

While we do not accept insurance plans, we accept payment via check, credit card, or cash. You may pay online prior to your appointment.