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2017 Academic Adventures

Course Descriptions

Aircraft & Spacecraft Design

In this class, you will explore the amazing world of flight and see how aircraft and spacecraft are designed and tested. You will discover how scientific principles, such as energy, momentum, pressure, and gravity, have led to incredible advances in aerospace technology. Experiment with various structural, propulsion, and control system designs, and take part in hands-on activities like designing, assembling, and flying styrofoam gliders, launching two-liter compressed air/water rockets, and trying out flight gear used by Air Force test pilots. Come find out what it means to make something fly!

Aspiring Zoologists

Could you imagine living your life in captivity? What would you need to keep your intellect, physical fitness, and quality of life high? These are questions that zoologists commonly ask themselves when faced with the task of keeping zoo animals not only healthy, but happy. In this class, you will put on the hat of a true zoologist and design an animal enrichment device or idea for a species of your choosing. You will dive deeply into the inherited traits and learned behavior of the animal and advance your greater knowledge about living organisms and the scientific process.

Design Challenges: Engineering and Physics

In this project-based course, students will learn the principles of design engineering and applied physics principles. They will cover topics ranging from: Statics, Structures, Power, Technical Drawing, Gears, Stress-Strain, and Technical Writing. Join us for a day of building, problem-solving, and critical thinking!

Forensic Psychology

Explore the dynamics of how psychologists interact with forensics. From evaluating the sanity of criminals to researching the brains of murderers, this class takes an in depth look at the intersection of legal principles and psychological theories. We will discuss what knowledge psychologists bring into the courtroom when testifying in cases surrounding insanity, child custody and danger level of offenders.

Found Sound

Where did music come from? How are instruments made? How are instrumental sounds combined to form a song? In this class, we will discover properties of sound by combining technology with found objects to create beautiful, interesting, and new songs as a class band. First, we will create our own instruments from everyday objects. We will then use a loop pedal and our instruments to write and record our own songs on Garage Band. Let's jam.

Magical Murder

The law of the Ministry of Magic, which coincidentally copied the American legal system, is swift and just. Harry Potter stands accused of criminal homicide. The victim...Lord Voldemort! Learn the basics of trial advocacy and legal analysis, and utilize those skills to argue for or against Mr. Potter. Public speaking, group work, creative thinking, and logic will set the stage for the trial of the century! Muggles welcome, witches and wizards preferred. SPOILER ALERT: Actual plot elements, characters, and events from the Harry Potter series are discussed in this course.

The Physics of Roller Coasters

Discover the wonderful world of physics through the thrill of the roller coaster! We'll look at the history and design of roller coasters, and explore the physics that make these exciting rides possible – gravity, velocity, potential and kinetic energy, friction, centripetal acceleration, g-force and clothoid loop. You'll have the chance to experiment and perform hands-on projects as you build models to simulate different thrilling effects.

Public Speaking

This course will include an overview of different types of speeches and ensure a shared vocabulary. Each day will include exercises to improve speech, opportunities to give speeches, and enrichment of analytical skills.

Shark Attack!

Come and spend the day learning about an apex predator of the sea... sharks! During this class you will be learning from marine biologists about the natural history, biology, ecology and conservation of one of the most intriguing and ancient creatures of our oceans. This class is not for the squeamish, for it will culminate with a dissection of a real shark, and will bust any myths you have about who sharks are and what they are capable of doing.