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2017 Scholar Weekend

Course Descriptions

Aircraft & Spacecraft Design: In this class, you will explore the amazing world of flight and see how aircraft and spacecraft are designed and tested. You will discover how scientific principles, such as energy, momentum, pressure, and gravity, have led to incredible advances in aerospace technology. Experiment with various structural, propulsion, and control system designs, and take part in hands-on activities like designing, assembling, and flying styrofoam gliders, launching two-liter compressed air/water rockets, and trying out flight gear used by Air Force test pilots. Come find out what it means to make something fly!

After the World Ends: Many of us speculate about what the End of the World will be like, but we tend to focus less on what happens after that. What will post-Apocalyptic times bring us? Will it be all devastation and destruction, or will there be a rejuvenation of life and spirit? In this course, we will look both at ancient mythologies from early civilizations that hypothesize how post-Apocalyptic times will manifest, as well as contemporary interpretations and renditions of the world's epilogue.

Banjos, bootleggers, and blood: The Tales of Appalachia: From Cherokee stories to mountain-top removal to Affrilachian poetry: In this class, we will investigate the complex history of the Appalachian region. By looking at key traditions and events in Appalachian history, literature, and arts, we will examine the various ways in which Appalachia has been understood and described, from within and without. In this interdisciplinary class, we will look at literature, history, photography, music, and popular culture in order to unearth the heterogeneity of people, races, opinions, and communities in the region commonly known as Appalachia.

Deadly Force New!: The Empire has fallen at last! Well, it actually fell a long time ago. Anyway, the people of the galaxy far, far away have convened a special tribunal to try the remaining imperial officers. Quiet in the court! The judge has entered from the dark side of the room, and his voice booms like an exploding planet as he calls the first case. The People v. Luke Skywalker!

Wait, what?!

Learn the basics of American criminal law and trial advocacy, then apply what you know in a mock trial where Luke's life hangs in the balance...of the force. Life forms of every kind are welcome, but those who identify as Jedi or Sith are strongly preferred.

Mini Veterinary Clinic: Is it your dream to work with animals? In Mini Vet Clinic, you will not only learn about the many different career opportunities in the field of animal health care and veterinary medicine, but get a hands-on experience with actual animal case studies, as well. Study canine anatomy and learn about body systems and how they may be affected by disease. Study the physiology and anatomy of common pets and then take it one step further by learning to read radiographs. Test your skills by identifying broken bones, swallowed nails, and other real life situations a veterinarian encounters on a daily basis!

Music Journalism New!: Would you love to interview your favorite bands and musical artists someday, get backstage passes to great concerts, and be the first to know about upcoming talent in the music industry? In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of music journalism by creating three different press pieces: a news story about a current event, like an upcoming concert; a feature profile of a music artist (aka, an interview of a fellow classmate); and an album review. Experience the life of a music journalist by going through press kits, pitching stories to your editor-in-chief (aka, your instructor), and challenging yourself to ask interview questions that bring out interesting facts about the artist—to find the story/angle.

Politics of the Future New!: How will political institutions need to change as technology continues to advance, especially with the ever-increasing ability for man to create artificial intelligence? How would governments deal with the political and ethical dilemma of the personhood of robots and their place in future society? What challenges might emerge as the state system must deal with ever-emerging technologies that allow for increased communication between individuals and their ability to easily access information? Each of these questions requires us to place ourselves in a world that is vastly different from our own and imagine how states and individuals, as rational actors, would respond. In this course, students will think critically about the external pressures that drive the formation of modern political institutions and determine what our political system may look like in the future. As a class, we will also pull from other forms of media, such as literature and film, to assess the way others have envisioned man's political response to future technological and societal challenges. Will the world (or worlds) coalesce into a unified system of government, as Star Wars predicts; or will we see governance break down altogether as humanity descends into dystopian anarchy?

The Process of Music: Music in Motion - A Cross-Cultural Examination: Have you ever been curious about the music that we take for granted as we ride in the car or listen to an iPod? How is this music made? How did organized sound originate and evolve? Why is music an integral part of existing cultures? Music has been around for centuries, spanning cultures and affecting people emotionally, physically, and spiritually. How is technology changing the face of music and linking us globally? This course will provide an overview of the history of Western music, as well as examine music from other cultures. We will experiment with movement and the importance of movement as a part of the music making process, as well as create our own music with found objects and a looping pedal.

Public Speaking: This course will include an overview of different types of speeches and ensure a shared vocabulary. Each day will include exercises to improve speech, opportunities to give speeches, and enrichment of analytical skills.

Sports Medicine: Come and see a new side of sports…the medical side! In this course, you will examine the three most important components of taking care of athletes and their injuries: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. You also will learn the techniques and skills needed to properly implement each one. Whether you are asked to perform basic upper extremity taping, simulated first aid, or cranial nerve testing, you will not stay seated for long! This course culminates with "Rehab Olympics, where you will test your knowledge and newly learned skills by competing with your peers to quickly replicate challenges injured athletes might face.

Virtual Reality, Social Media, & Identity: The Psychology of Digital Worlds: We all do it—tweeting, Snapchatting, and Facebooking our friends, immersing ourselves in video game worlds, and documenting our lives via Smartphones. Since the onset of social media, immersive video gaming, and virtual reality systems such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, digital worlds have become a part of our daily lives, and the line between the real and the virtual has blurred. How does this affect us? Do people behave differently in virtual worlds than in the real one? What can we except in the future? Join this class to learn the history of social media, apply basic social psychology principles to understand online behavior, and even build your own virtual reality viewer! Remember to bring your Smartphones to class!