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The College of Education Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

This conference is designed for students, faculty, staff, and community members to engage in dialogue and collaborative learning about the current multicultural and social justice issues of our times. The purpose of this dialogue and learning is to build a more just and equitable environment within our college and the community.

Conference theme:
Courageous Conversations: Engaging in Dialogues that Bring People Together

Derald Wing Sue will deliver a keynote address to begin the half-day conference, followed by break-out sessions examining issues of poverty, race/ethnicity, disability, privilege, religion/spirituality, and other important issues of our society. Sue will then facilitate a closing panel exploring next steps in addressing inequity and injustice in our communities.

Keynote Speaker:
Derald Wing Sue, Teachers College, Columbia University

Born in Portland, Ore., Derald Wing Sue is the son of parents who emigrated from China. Early childhood memories of being teased due to his ethnicity lead to his fascination with human behavior. His deep interest and passion led him to becoming one of the most prominent voices in cross cultural studies. With over 150 publications under his belt he is the most cited Multicultural Scholar today.

He received a bachelor's degree from Oregon State University, and a PhD in counseling psychology from the University of Oregon. The civil rights movement sparked an interest in him and was the foundation for his interest in multicultural studies. Sue, along with his brother and fellow psychologist, Stanley Sue, wanted to emphasize the importance of understanding the culture of Asian-Americans and Pacific Islanders, making sure that they too received attention and accurate mental health services. In 1972, Sue co-founded the Asian American Psychological Association with his brother Sue. Both felt there was a need for others to understand the experience of Asian-Americans and this was the beginning.

Now, Sue is a professor of psychology at Teachers College at Columbia University. Aside from his interests in multicultural counseling and diversity training, he is the recipient of countless awards and honors such as The Society for the Psychological Study of Ethnic Minority Issues with the Mentoring and Leadership Award. He held numerous positions throughout the APA, including president of Division 45, Society for the Psychological Study of Culture, Ethnicity and Race. Sue has written several books, including "Microaggressions in Everyday Life: Race, Gender, and Sexual Orientation," "Counseling the Culturally Diverse: Theory and Practice," and "Overcoming Our Racism: The Journey to Liberation."


Time Details

8:15–8:45 a.m.

Registration and breakfast

8:45–10:00 a.m.

Keynote: Dr. Derald Wing Sue
"Understanding and Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race and Pressing Contemporary Issues"

10–10:15 a.m.


10:15–11:15 a.m.

Break-Out Sessions1. Using Best Practices in Multicultural and Social Justice Research to Generate Courageous Conversations about Immigrants and Refugees
(Moderator, Christopher Mojock) - Tapping on Multidimensional, Mixed-Methods Community Assessments as Advocacy Tools
Alejandra Calva
- It's not 'Just the Facts': Using Information in Combination with Experience
Stephanie Jackson Ali_2. How Can Dialogue about Interfaith Dialogue Foster Community Connection and Transformation?
(Moderator, Christopher; Reactant, John Lash) - _'We're Still Really Kindred Spirits': Interpersonal Relationships in Jewish-Christian-Muslim Interfaith Dialogue
Elizabeth M. Pope_3. Exploring and Challenging Foundational Assumptions in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Work
(Moderator, Amy Heath) - _Moving beyond the Rhetoric of Inclusion in Diversity through Triple-Loop Learning
Chang-kyu Kwon
- Racializing Disability, Disabling Race: Continuing Conversations on the Intersection of Race and Disability in Family Research
Shaquinta Richardson_4. How Courageous Conversations about Gender and Sexual Orientation Can Make Transformative Change?
(Moderators, Marques Dexter and Brean'aParker)
_Meg Evans, Anna Hiers, Jesse Ace McNulty, Sr._5. Taking It to the Streets: Promoting Interventions that Foster Social Justice in Community
(Moderator, Stephanie Toliver)
_Tisha Ellison and Broderick Flanigan

11:15–11:30 a.m.


11:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

Courageous Conversation: Next Steps in Everyday Life, Research, and Practice
Panelists will discuss how to use courageous conversations in everyday life to increase attention to and appreciation of multicultural and social justice change. Then, they will engage the audience in a robust and dynamic conversation.
(Moderator, Anneliese Singh)
_Derald Wing Sue, Dawn Bennett-Alexander, Jason Wallace, Adel Amer_


Cost: $49

Cancellation policy

Cancellation and Refund Policy: All cancellations must be submitted via email to before the cancellation deadline in order to receive a full refund. Cancellations after the cancellation deadline are non-refundable. If cancellation is not made by the deadline, and you are not able to attend, you or your organization is still liable for payment.

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