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Reading and Writing History (Grades K-8)

Many students struggle in history classes when teachers approach the subject as a cramming of facts, filling students with timeline entries devoid of context and passion. We can make history more personal and relevant by using historical fiction, research, narrative writing, and immersive simulations to enrich our social studies instruction.

Participants of this workshop will:

  • Discuss how reading historical fiction can help students relate to social studies content
  • Explore methods of incorporating research and writing in the social studies classroom
  • Examine ways of planning and implementing immersive simulation activities
  • Create an outline for a social studies unit related to a historical event or topic of choice that incorporates historical fiction, research, narrative writing, and/or simulation activities

Workshop Instructor

Tanya Hudson is the school library media specialist at Chase Street Elementary, where she strives to foster in her students a lifelong love of reading and learning. After years of not-so-stellar performance in history classes, she finally realized that she didn't hate history—she just hated memorizing names and dates. Now, she enjoys collaborating with her colleagues to make content area learning meaningful and lively. Hudson lives in a century-old house with her husband Micah, her daughter Melvie, and a fluffy cat named Cheesepuff.


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Registration & Cancellation Deadline: April 14

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