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Duke TIP@UGA Scholar Weekend

Course Descriptions

After the World Ends

We are no longer offering this course for fall 2017.

Aircraft & Spacecraft Design

In this class, you will explore the amazing world of flight and see how aircraft and spacecraft are designed and tested. You will discover how scientific principles, such as energy, momentum, pressure, and gravity, have led to incredible advances in aerospace technology. Experiment with various structural, propulsion, and control system designs, and take part in hands-on activities like designing, assembling, and flying styrofoam gliders, launching two-liter compressed air/water rockets, and trying out flight gear used by Air Force test pilots. Come find out what it means to make something fly!

Contemporary Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Social Startup New!

Spend the weekend creating your very own social startup! In this course, you will learn the basics of startups, prototyping applications, and design thinking concepts. Additionally, you will focus on the psychology behind social issues and what that means to the contemporary entrepreneur. You will spend the entire second day of class developing your own social startup and presenting it to a panel of judges in a Shark Tank style presentation. Let your creativity, social savvy, and innovative self shine in this one of a kind class!

Deadly Force: Star Wars Mock Trial

The Empire has fallen at last! Well, it actually fell a long time ago. Anyway, the people of the galaxy far, far away have convened a special tribunal to try the remaining imperial officers. Quiet in the court! The judge has entered from the dark side of the room, and his voice booms like an exploding planet as he calls the first case. The People v. Luke Skywalker!

Wait, what?!

Learn the basics of American criminal law and trial advocacy, then apply what you know in a mock trial where Luke's life hangs in the balance...of the force. Life forms of every kind are welcome, but those who identify as Jedi or Sith are strongly preferred.

Global Conflicts and the Future of Politics New!

How will current global conflicts affect the future of politics, the future that YOU will inherit? In this course, you will focus on pervasive political issues including human rights, civil wars, and terrorism, and how the decisions made today will affect the future of global politics. You will be required to place yourself in situations vastly different from our own and imagine how states and individuals, as rational actors, would respond. You will think critically about the external pressures that drive the formation of modern political institutions and determine what our political system may look like in the future. Will the world (or worlds) coalesce into a unified system of government, as Star Wars predicts; or will we see governance break down altogether as humanity descends into dystopian anarchy?

Marine Biology

In this course students will be introduced to the diversity of marine life and the challenges marine organisms face today. We will research and discuss marine ecosystems on a global and local scale (coastal Georgia). Additional lesson topics include marine invertebrates and vertebrate anatomy, dissection, and current major marine issues such as nonpoint source pollution, marine debris, and ocean acidification.

Introduction to Microbiology

Interested in becoming a scientist, or just want to learn more about biology? This class will introduce you to the world of biology, microbiology, and genetics. Discover where we came from, where we're going, and what makes us, US! You will learn how to critically analyze information, conduct your own experiment, discuss bioethics, and more as we cover big and small! In this class, you will gain useful lab skills including microscopy, sterile technique, agar plating, identifying bacteria, and creating and conducting your own experiment.

The Process of Music: Music in Motion–A Cross-Cultural Examination

Have you ever been curious about the music that we take for granted as we ride in the car or listen to an iPod? How is this music made? How did organized sound originate and evolve? Why is music an integral part of existing cultures? Music has been around for centuries, spanning cultures and affecting people emotionally, physically, and spiritually. How is technology changing the face of music and linking us globally? This course will provide an overview of the history of Western music, as well as examine music from other cultures. We will experiment with movement and the importance of movement as a part of the music making process, as well as create our own music with found objects and a looping pedal.

Public Speaking

Every student benefits from learning how to prepare a speech, calm one's nerves, and engage an audience. This course will include an overview of different types of speeches and ensure a shared vocabulary. Each day will include exercises to improve speech, opportunities to give speeches, and enrichment of analytical skills. Come join us and improve your rhetoric, poise, and voice in front of a crowd!

Rube Goldberg Challenge

Step up to the challenge of making your own Rube Goldberg machine. As seen in popular culture in movies and even music videos, Rube Goldberg-inspired fun has reached the mainstream. Now you can be part of the action as you and your classmates construct a working Rube Goldberg machine that spans the entire length and width of your classroom! The catch is that you'll have some challenging rules you must follow when building your machine: rules that will test your creativity, critical thinking, engineering skills, and sometimes your patience. Are you up for it? Then join us for the Rube Goldberg Challenge.

Sports Medicine

Come and see a new side of sports…the medical side! In this course, you will examine the three most important components of taking care of athletes and their injuries: diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. You also will learn the techniques and skills needed to properly implement each one. Whether you are asked to perform basic upper extremity taping, simulated first aid, or cranial nerve testing, you will not stay seated for long! This course culminates with "Rehab Olympics, where you will test your knowledge and newly learned skills by competing with your peers to quickly replicate challenges injured athletes might face.

Virtual Reality, Social Media, & Identity: The Psychology of Digital Worlds

We all do it—tweeting, Snapchatting, and Facebooking our friends, immersing ourselves in video game worlds, and documenting our lives via Smartphones. Since the onset of social media, immersive video gaming, and virtual reality systems such as Google Glass and the Oculus Rift, digital worlds have become a part of our daily lives, and the line between the real and the virtual has blurred. How does this affect us? Do people behave differently in virtual worlds than in the real one? What can we except in the future? Join this class to learn the history of social media, apply basic social psychology principles to understand online behavior, and even build your own virtual reality viewer! Remember to bring your Smartphones to class!


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