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to 5:00pm

Introduction to ATLAS.ti Qualitative Data Analysis Software

This two-day workshop is designed for researchers, graduate students, and faculty who have a basic foundation in qualitative research methods and would like to learn how to use ATLAS.ti qualitative data analysis (QDA) software to its fullest potential. Participants will be introduced to the principles of five-level QDA for "harnessing ATLAS.ti powerfully."

The workshop will start with a comprehensive overview of how ATLAS.ti has been designed and how it works, followed by hands-on activities designed to teach straightforward and sophisticated uses of the software. By the end of the two days, participants will be able to use ATLAS.ti powerfully by organizing, exploring, analyzing, and interrogating a variety of data types.


Day 1

  • Organizing data: Creating the project file and managing data documents effectively
  • Exploring data: Using quotations to maximum benefit, scoping the data through the auto-coding, word-cruncher, object crawler, and other text-searching tools

Day 2

  • Analyzing through writing: Maximizing your use of the comment and memo tools
  • Analyzing through conceptualizing: Creating a meaningful code structure and understanding hyperlinks and networks
  • Interrogating the data: Retrieving codes through queries and supercodes, creating outputs, and engaging in visual interrogation methods


  • No previous experience with ATLAS.ti is necessary; however, a basic knowledge of Windows is required. The workshop will be demonstrating the Windows version of ATLAS.ti version 7, which is available for your use on the computers in the River's Crossing lab where the workshop will be held. (If you are a Mac user, please contact Trena Paulus for more information about the Mac version of ATLAS.ti.).
  • Participants are encouraged to come with their own data.
  • All readings and handouts (e.g., analytic planning worksheets) will be provided to participants prior to the workshop.
  • Registration is limited to 20 participants.

Schedule: Registration starts at 8:30 a.m.; sessions are from 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. each day.

For more information, contact Dr. Trena Paulus, Workshop Instructor.

Workshop Instructor

Dr. Trena Paulus is a professor of qualitative research methods in the Department of Lifelong Education, Administration, and Policy. She is a certified professional trainer for ATLAS.ti and is the co-author of Digital Tools for Qualitative Research. Paulus has published over 50 peer-reviewed journal articles on topics related to qualitative research, computer-mediated communication, and online learning.

She teaches courses and advises graduate students on qualitative research methods, digital tools for qualitative research, and language-based analysis of online data. She regularly consults and provides workshops on the use of digital tools in a variety of research contexts around the country and internationally.


Cost: $435 (includes instructional materials, parking pass, refreshment breaks, and lunch each day)

Registration & Cancellation Deadline: March 17

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