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to 1:30pm

Research Colloquium Series: Barbara Crawford

Title: "How can we prepare our science teachers for today's social contexts where science may be misrepresented and misunderstood?"

Join the Research Office for the next installment in its Research Colloquium Series, when Barbara Crawford, head of the Department of Mathematics and Science Education, speaks on preparing our teachers to be effective educators in today's social context.

It is a particularly challenging time for teachers in today's changing educational environment. Anti-science rhetoric, the discounting of scientific evidence, and potential undermining of concepts such as evolution and climate change are issues new teachers will need to address. There is a critical need to prepare new teachers in STEM disciplines to enhance achievement of young African-American, Latino, and other students from populations generally underrepresented in the sciences. This presentation will address research related to how we can prepare our newest teachers to teach critical thinking skills, the use of logic and evidence, and to inform students about the nature of science.