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Upcoming events categorized as: Workshop


Teachers as Writers: Building a Powerful Culture of Writing with Your Colleagues

In this workshop, we will explore the premise that we can become more powerful teachers of writing if we are writers ourselves.


Connecting our Stories to the World: Cultivating Critical Literacies with Young Children (K-5)

In this workshop, participants will write their personal stories; learn pedagogical strategies; discuss how engaging in critical literacy can open up spaces for children to explore; and more.


You Belong Here: How Teachers Create Welcoming Schools and Classrooms for Immigrant Students

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn from students of immigrant families about what has been helpful and would be helpful to them in their experiences at school.


Zines for Everyone! Multi-Genre Writing Products with Low Stakes and High Motivation

In this engaging and hands-on workshop, you will move through the process of creating a zine, a multi-genre miniature magazine with a central theme or topic published by hand.


What's Your STORRI? Teachers Using Narrative to Unpack Wobble Moments in their Practice

In this workshop, you will explore wobble moments, examine examples of narratives depicting such moments, and gain multiple perspectives on your classroom.


From Personal to Social: Politics, Multi-Layered Narratives, and Social Justice in the Secondary Literacy Classroom

This workshop will explore teaching writing as a political act. How do we address issues of social justice—race, class, gender, sexuality, religion—through literacy practices in secondary classrooms?