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Duke TIP at UGA

Torrance Center Statement on the Dissolution of Duke TIP

The Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development was deeply saddened to hear the October 2020 news that Duke University’s Talent Identification Program (TIP) was closing its figurative doors. We were in partnership with TIP for over a decade at both the Academic Year and Summer Studies program levels and have run inimitable camps that have shaped future generations of amazing humans.

Beyond the stellar academic world of TIP lies the true reason for its success, a culture of people who acknowledge that TIP is love. Though at first pass that concept may seem overly simple or banal, it is anything but. In a world that traditionally dampens the subjective experience of the individual and tries to contain and categorize our messy, chaotic minds, we find a special place for truth seekers and problem solvers who do not dismiss the personal in favor of objectivity. Speaking from experience as a TIP educator, Academic Coordinator, and Host Campus Representative, I can tell you that TIPsters are special exactly because they are unwilling to disregard the relevance of identity, emotions, and the power of community as factors that elevate education rather than diminish it.

I have yet to meet a TIP student or family member who did not understand the complexity of the relationship between learning/factual knowledge and the individual experience. The TIP community is strong and acknowledges the students’ personal and professional lives as equally critical. Therein lies the success of this program, which is truly more than just a program, it is a lifestyle. These are the people who will do GOOD in the world. While they would have done good in the world regardless of their TIP experience, they hone their skills as a community that does good through this unique program.

In the spirit of TIP, the Torrance Center is planning its own summer experience program. More details will be released in the coming weeks. We believe that not only must we carry on the legacy of TIP, but also of Dr. E. Paul Torrance, the man known as “the father of creativity”. Ultimately, we believe that the fundamental drive toward creativity found in TIP students is why the Torrance Center and TIP aligned so well in their missions. Creativity will save our lives, creativity will save our future.

For information about our Creative Scholars and Beyonders Challenger programs, please visit the Torrance Signature Programs , or email me directly ( ).


Dr. Desiree Sharpe
Program Coordinator

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