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Just Education Policy

Justice is and has always been an important, yet elusive target in education policy. Throughout history, the actions of the education system have both created devastating barriers to social justice and delivered crucial reforms for the path forward. Across all sectors, there is a continuing need for courageous and critical thinking in education policymaking. Now more than ever, the education policy scholarly community has at its disposal the tools to conduct rigorous research that can help fight racial injustice. The goal of the Just Education Policy program is to inspire and engage the next generation of racial justice-focused education policy scholars.

This program will be held virtually June 1-2 and June 14-15, 2021, from 4 - 7 p.m. EST. Accepted participants are expected to attend all four days of the program, for a total of 12 hours, and will be compensated $200 at the end of the program for their participation.

Any questions should be sent to Neoma Mullens and Richard Blissett .

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Program Purpose

The advent of a new decade has brought with it a seemingly renewed focus in the education policy community on racial injustice, its causes, and its implications for our children and our nation. This work, for many, is not new, as there have long been strong advocates for justice both within and outside of the scholarly community who are committed to fighting for a more equitable world. However, the scholar, activist, and policymaker worlds have rotated in relative isolation from one another, and while opportunities do exist for scholars and policy actors to come together and understand each other, few place an intentional focus on creating networks centered on equity and justice. Coupled with frequent public concern about exclusionary practice and disempowered curricula in academia, there is an apparent need for an initiative to provide greater opportunities for conversation and development of justice-oriented scholars in active fellowship with activists and policy actors.

The purpose of this initiative is to design and administer a program that fosters community among scholars, activists, and policy actors while also developing the scholars’ skills in conducting, communicating, and putting into action racial justice research. Sessions will include networking opportunities with established scholars in the field, current policy research areas in educational justice, theoretical approaches studying racism, research use in advocacy and action, and more. The overarching goals of the summer institute are:

  1. Training developing scholars in theoretical and methodological approaches to studying justice in education policy,
  2. Inspiring research in justice and education policy, and
  3. Fostering a community of education policy scholars who can, together, produce impactful research that advances social justice.


Some of the speakers that program participants will hear from include:

Application Details

We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2021 program.

Program Team


This effort is supported by the University of Georgia Mary Frances Early College of Education, the Michigan State University College of Education, the Othering and Belonging Institute at UC Berkeley, the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles, and the Penn State College of Education Center for Education and Civil Rights.

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