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Date & Time
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Use the format HH:MM AM

Aderhold? River's Crossing? Somewhere else?

Please DO NOT include room info in the Venue Name

Event Details

The summary does not appear on your event page, but does appear alongside your event in search results.

This text editor uses something called Markdown to format text. Here is a guide if you wish to add formatting. Preview your post by clicking the eyeball icon below.

Input the full web address for your registration system. If attendees should RSVP via email, type "" but replace MYID with the contact peron's UGA MyID.

DO NOT include - only the MyID, please. This can be a shared UGA email account, such as 'epsy' or 'kins'.

Event Series

If this event is recurring, select the the name of the series from this dropdown. If your recurring event isn't listed, ask the web team about setting up a landing page for your recurring event.

Off the Record

Need to say something to the person who moderates these events? Do so here!

Important To Note

This form submits your event to the Communications Office for editorial review.

This form does NOT submit your event to the UGA Master Calendar, but you can submit your events to the UGA Master Calendar yourself. It is in your best interest for maximum visibility to add your event to both calendars.

To change, update, or delete an event, create a web support ticket.

Multi-Day Events

If adding a window of opportunity (like a 10-week application period), enter your event as a deadline on the last day only.

If adding a season (like a month-long awareness festival), enter your event on the first day only.

If adding an event that recurs more than twice during the semester and is identical each time (except the time/date):

  1. Submit your first date now
  2. Note the recurrance in the comments and provide all the dates.

If your recurring event requires changes to the description (speaker, topic, etc.), unfortunately you'll need to enter a separate event for each date.