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Torrance Signature Programs

In 2020, the Torrance Center began a new series of educational programs that build on the legacy and research of E. Paul Torrance. He stated in 1965 that one of the precepts of progressive education is that “Education is a continuous reconstruction of living experience that goes beyond the four walls of the classroom.” The Torrance Signature Programs are designed in this spirit to inspire and enhance creative, imaginative and problem solving skills across the lifespan.

Creative Scholars Program

The Creative Scholars Program is an overnight summer camp for 7th-10th graders, July 11-25, on the UGA main campus. Creative Scholars can expect a course curriculum they would not typically experience in a regular classroom. Our instructors are trained to use research-driven, creative strategies in the classroom and our courses are innovative, interdisciplinary, and project-based.

Note: The safety of our staff and students is our first priority, and we will take all necessary precautions dictated by CDC and UGA guidelines based on the status of the coronavirus pandemic. If the public health situation is not safe enough for an in-person camp, we will be providing our courses online for our students.

Please see Upcoming Dates for course descriptions and registration information.

We will begin accepting participant applications April 1.

Upcoming Events

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Beyonders Challenge Program

The Beyonders Challenge program was created in 2020 in order to fulfill students' desire for exposure to courses they would not necessarily be taking during their regular school hours. Our curriculum design is focused on creative thinking, active learning, and the role of context in education. This program is currently 100% online for the foreseeable future.

Refer to the following Upcoming Dates for details about times, courses, and registration.

Talent Development in the Primary Years

Strategies for Parents of Children Ages 3-8

This signature program is designed for parents of children aged birth to eight years of age and will focus on insights and strategies about signs and characteristics of giftedness, how these manifest in the primary years, and resources for parents about how to best develop their child(ren)’s talents. Registration is required and an email with login information will be sent prior to the program.

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